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Anyone else have hypochondria problems?

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Lately I've been freaking out that I've been using my mobile phone too much. I use it for work a lot, posting on JWfan, etc.   But I'm becoming concerned that all these radioactive microwave

She actually moved on from me to one of my friends, so I still had to see her around for a while, then they eventually broke up, and then she came out as lesbian and only dates ladies now

With potentially life-altering side effects.

  • 10 months later...

I dated a hypochondriac once, or even worse actually she made up illnesses she didn't actually have.  For attention basically

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2 hours ago, The Big Man said:

My fungus infected bits are really getting sore. I've heard fungus is airborne, but there's no lockdown for it!

Did you inject it trying to get high.

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No but her roommate feinted once (for real) and a few days later she fake feinted in the kitchen, obvious because she braced herself for impact with the floor


Later that same roommate invented an ear condition she didn't actually have, and sure enough a few days later she suddenly had the same ear problem....

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