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Longest Jerry Goldsmith scores?


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It is quite conspicuous that Williams' scores are always longer than Goldsmith's scores. Whereas Williams has several scores of two hours or more, Goldsmith's "high score" seems to be around 80 to 90 minutes. So, which one is the longest score Jerry Goldsmith composed for a movie? I know "The Shadow", "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and "Star Trek Nemesis" are all more than 80 minutes, but are there any other scores of that or even more duration which have not been released entirely? What's about "Lionheart", "Air Force One" or "The Mummy"?

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That's all that needs 2 discs:


1 The Mummy (ca. 100 min.)

2 Lionheart (more than 90 min.)

3 Small Soldiers (ca. 90 min.)

4 Air Force One (more than 85 min.)

5 Legend (ca. 85 min.)

6 Star Trek: Nemesis (84 min.)

7 Star Trek: The Motion Picture (84 min.)

8 The Shadow (80 min.)


Unluckily places 1 to 5 aren't completely released yet, so there is no real proof.

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