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Royal Albert Hall Festival of Film

Omen II

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I realise that my original post was probably not all that helpful unless you clicked on the link.  There will be a number of events in the festival, several of which are related to film music.  See the link above for the full schedule, but the highlights for me are as follows:


Friday 20th October


The new Michael Giacchino show, celebrating his 50th birthday, will include highlights from Rogue OneLostThe IncrediblesStar TrekInside OutDawn of the Planet of the Apes and, of course, Up, the instant classic for which he won an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Grammy and a Golden Globe.


Saturday 21st October


Jaws in Concert will reinstate three superb pieces of music written by John Williams for the 1975 film, but ultimately excised from the finished product. These have been restored to the movie with the permission of Spielberg and the composer.  There will be an afternoon and an evening performance.

Tuesday 24th October

James Horner: A Life in Music is a world premiere, with the Cinematic Sinfonia performing the composer’s greatest music, including BraveheartTitanicGloryField of DreamsAvatar and Aliens. Horner made one of his final public appearances at the Hall for the film-and-live-orchestra debut of Titanic, two months before his untimely death.

Thursday 26th October

The festival will also present the world premiere of The Addams Family in Concert, featuring director Barry Sonnenfeld’s 1991 comedy-fantasy, starring Angelica Huston, Raúl Juliá, Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci.  The music is by Marc Shaiman.

That's one feast of film music!

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Got my tickets for the Giacchino concert. Likely wont be going to the Horner concert, as I went to another Horner tribute concert in Dublin, and went to the Titanic concert at the Albert Hall too, and I met him there at another separate event just a few weeks before his death. I feel very privileged to have done so.

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I'm a three-hour train ride from London and would see all of these if I could, and if my lady would let me spend the money!

But I've waited a decade for a Giacchino concert (and that was before his last decade of music!) so I'll go with that one.

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Even at cheapest seats, the four tickets would come to £120. In any case, weekday shows are out of the question for me. I did wrangle to see Jaws on the day after Giacchino, but it would be fairer to her interests to take that time in London to see a musical or some other show.

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Right. Here's what you do:

1/ Buy the tickets, now, with plastic. That way, you have until October to a) pay back the tickets, and b) save up for the fare to London. 

2/ Arrange a day off, on the 20th.

3/ book cheap motel in London.

4/Do MG, on the Friday, and JAWS on Saturday afternoon, see a musical Saturday evening, and get late train back to wherever, afterwards.

Sorted :D

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The Addams Family was very enjoyable.  It was good to see the film again - it must be twenty years since I last watched it and I had forgotten how witty and fun Marc Shaiman's score is.  The Cinematic Sinfonia was again excellent, hitting all the sync points perfectly under the able direction of Australian conductrix Jennifer Cottis.  All of the orchestra was dressed in black except for one violinist wearing a Pugsley Addams shirt!



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