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Some CDs For Sale

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Okay gang, I've decided to go through my collection and get rid of ones I have only listened to once or twice and never thought about again. This is the first set...I might go back through it again to weed out others but the rest I MAY keep.


Please no posts saying, "I can't believe you're getting rid of that one".  This is my choice to get rid of them so I don't want any of those posts in this thread.  That is simply because I all ready got a bit of shit for getting rid of a couple of other titles via Facebook.


These prices include Priority shipping within the US.  The prices will go up $10 for those of you who live outside of the US.  That is because I had sent a package out of the country the other week and it was almost $23 for just First Class shipping.  Paypal only please.


P.S. These CDs are NOT sealed but they are in great condition  I only ripped them once or twice and they have been put back in their cases and set back resting on a shelf.


Uncommon Valor (Intrada) - James Horner


Jingle All The Way (Intrada)- David Newman


Matilda (Varèse) - David Newman


Explorers (Intrada)- Jerry Goldsmith


Dennis The Menace (La-La Land) - Jerry Goldsmith


1941 (La-La Land) - John Williams

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