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the mstrox thread

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That's your social life ruined, then        Peeps, I thought I'd update everyone on the job situation. I've just survived my first week at work. It feels so strange after seven

I own a house!  

He does but they’re all dead. 

10 hours ago, Melange said:

Hey, you missed a trick here Mstrox.


Surely the thread should be titled.....




I appreciate what you did there, but I must insist that this thread is solely mine. If the friends want their own thread, they can lobby for the creation of a "Friends of mstrox" thread, or can filter into any preexisting thread that may exist for the television series "Friends"

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On 3/24/2017 at 2:08 PM, Quintus said:

The bar's closed. 


True, but this thread shows that somebody's thirsty. ;)



1 hour ago, Stefancos said:

The mstrox thread will last FOR A THOUSAND YEARS!!!!


So this thread is like a... fourth JWFan Reich? :|

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just realized how useful this thread is.  the day i don't come to make my daily update, is the day that i have shuffled off this mortal coil and embraced the cold hands of death.  or i just couldn't make it to the message board that day.  or i forgot.   so it's handy for you guys to be able to narrow my status down to those three options, if i don't post here.


seven point five hours until my weekend.  real pumped about it, you guys

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mstrox, the boundless source is beyond perception, and it is compassionately so for us because he is everything, he is everywhere, he is omnipresent and constant as the northern star. Hail mstrox, full of grace, the everlasting almighty creator and provider. We who look upon your works with infinite wonder, are resolute in our subscription, loyal to the one true thread.

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