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Jerry Goldsmiths POLTERGEIST II: THE OTHER SIDE - NEW 3CD Intrada edition

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It's back in stock for those interrested http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.10863/.f?sc=16&category=23345  

I'll wait for the 4 c.d. edition

Excessive.  The complete score with worthwhile alternates would happily fit on a single disc.  If both existing mixes were sub-optimal, why not have Bruce Botnick supervise a remix from the best avail

25 minutes ago, kaseykockroach said:

Wake me when they release Gremlins 2 but with Tony Randall's singing included. 


The same Tony Randall who directed Hellraiser II and posts nothing but seething anti-Trump status updates on Facebook relentlessly, one after another?

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On the picture where you can see the back of the set, there is also the spine visible. But it's thin like the spine of a 1 or 2 CD set. Will it be a flat packaging with 3 CDs squeezed in or a big box set?


I already have the Kritzerland version, so photos please!

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20 hours ago, Yavar Moradi said:


Along with The Secret of NIMH (which sounds more like Poltergeist at times than Poltergeist II does, hehe):




Let's hope we get to see a truly complete version of that score too. I absolutely adore it. 



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