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So we're officially getting 2 Williams scores this year (and the Kobe short).  Awesome!

Just read this on the FSM board:     I always spring a smile when I read comments like these, mostly for two reasons:    1) When average critics/audience members uses words

8 hours ago, king mark said:

40 minutes. I don't share all your optimism it might be the complete score.  The most likely scenario is that the score is the usual hour and a half/ two hours score but they only put 40 minutes of it on c.d. and we get screwed as usual


Spielberg said that the movie is done in a very 1970s-like fashion, so it's very likely there's gonna be sparse spotting. I can definitely see the score totalling 40-45 minutes in the film. 

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It's not a totally unfair criticism, though. Even on this forum we've had debates about the effectiveness of the broader musical gestures in things like Empire of the Sun, Schindler's List, or War Horse. But at least here we can agree the music itself is worthwhile whereas other forums you get those people wondering when Williams is gonna retire already.

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17 hours ago, TownerFan said:

Just read this on the FSM board:



I always spring a smile when I read comments like these, mostly for two reasons: 


1) When average critics/audience members uses words like "sappy, maudlin, old school" to describe Williams' music, it usually means we're in for a great score.


2) It's quite amusing to observe that average critics/audience members still have a hard time to understand and/or accept that a symphonic score with broad gestures is one of Spielberg's key signatures since the times of Jaws. Director and composer both love to convey feelings and ideas through this kind of musical vernacular (even though they both showed they're capable of restraint and sombreness when the subject calls for such an approach).


Oh man, I couldn't agree more. 


"Old school Hollywood score..."




"...too sappy..."


Oh, you mean to say that "the music parallels - and even drives - the emotional impact the director is actually hoping to achieve." Yeah, what a bummer. :sarcasm: Music has been used to express emotion for centuries. Anyone who doesn't understand this is simply not worthy of the time it takes me to read his bogus review. It's unfortunate that in the era of slapped-together fast-action superhero movies that seem to be released every other week, some people have lost the ability to appreciate real filmmaking and true craftsmanship. Hey, maybe this score will suck, but I doubt it. Williams - like Spielberg - understands his craft a hell of a lot more than some troll on FSM. :lol:


I'm as excited for this score as I am for Star Wars. We know sorta what to expect with that one, although of course it's still exciting. 

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56 minutes ago, Jay said:

Hanks' voice sounds quite odd in that clip.  If he talks like that the entire movie... oi.

I thought his voice/accent in CMIYC was atrocious.  He should stick with his "normal" way of speaking when he acts. 

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11 hours ago, Denise Bryson said:

Proud deplorable here who owns half a dozen authentic Make America Great Again hats in every available colour, Trump-themed commemorative coins, lapel flag pin and many books.


"Proud deplorable" is such an Orwellian term, like "social justice warrior" being used somehow as a pejorative, and "free speech" advocates who whinge about critics using their free speech to condemn their (awful, awful) Fox News/Sky News-fed opinions.


But in the spirit of The Post, I certainly respect the freedom of the press in Western liberal democracies, and your right to eat up such overtly fascist propaganda. But maybe you could be less of a "snowflake" when someone jests about how awful a Trump supporter is? Just asking!


Really makes you think. :sarcasm:


Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to hearing John "Libtard Democrat" Williams' score for this movie.

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