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Analysis of TLOTR's OST by Jaime Altozano


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Hi to everybody! I don't if you are aware of this, but I would like to share with you an amazing trilogy of videos of the analysis of the LOTR's OST.  The analysis is made by Jaime Altozano in Youtube. The videos are recorded in spanish but english subtitles are available if you wish!! The analysis is really well made going deep into the music details of any theme, melody, etc. The explanations are supported with pentagramsa and movie scenes. He does not only comment what can be found on the Complete Recordings' booklets but it goes beyond and also tries to guess what it may be Howard Shore's interpretation.


Each video pretends to cover each of the movies, but as the analysis advances he tries to connect all the music so at the end he is going back and forth between movies in each of the videos.


Ok, no more words. Here they are. Enjoy!


(1) The Fellowship of the Ring:


(2) The Two Towers:


(3) The Return of the King:


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Just watched the first one. Absolutely excellent stuff! Clearly explained, nicely presented visually (with the examples of each theme, etc.): really great work altogether.


"Tema de los hobbits para hacerte llorar". Hehehe...

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12 minutes ago, SafeUnderHill said:

I hope we see more videos like this on YouTube for many film scores - rather than just the LOTR analysis working off the material from Doug's liner notes and book. Heck, Doug start a YouTube channel! (or a podcast :D)!


Doug used to do a podcast with the FSM team.

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