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THE LAST JEDI - Disney Records OST

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I will be listening to it tonight and posting impressions in the appropriate thread(s)! Still can't believe I got it though! It's a 30 min drive and I arrived there 10 min before close. Just checked t

Update: My account was "suspended" randomly just now. Not terminated yet, just "suspended pending investigation". Well, fuck. At least I made a backup channel years ago. It seems I'll have to use that at least for now. Disney is really going at it this week. First the takedown of that KOTOR remake a few days ago and now this.


EDIT: It appears this was done on purpose. I said before I removed all TLJ videos from my channel as a precaution, as those were the only videos affected. Well, they decided to go after a random "Star Wars: Rebels" video I had uploaded. They were literally looking for a way to remove my channel. Assholes. Backup channel, here I come!


EDIT 2: Okay now it's been officially terminated. #NeverForget #IWillRebuild

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Thank you, and my pleasure. I expected at some point Lucasfilm/Disney/whoever owned the company would go after my channel. I just didn't expect it would be on some random day in the fall while I was in the middle of trying to watch a YouTube video. :P


The biggest hassle of course is reuploading everything from scratch. I'm starting with the original 6 films, in order from TPM to ROTJ. To put it how long it's taking me, my computer literally just finished rendering "Gas Leak" from TPM. That's how far I am. This is gonna take a while...

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9 minutes ago, A Ghost From Highwood said:

One of the main ideas of The Last Jedi is to desecrate, burn and eventually kill the past.


For one of the characters, not the movie as a whole. At the end of the film, the past is embraced amd integrated with the present and the future as a beacon of inspiration and direction.


11 minutes ago, A Ghost From Highwood said:

I wouldn't be in a position where my work only creates more violence. 


What a beautiful idea, I--wait, isn't this explored in a deleted scene in the movie?

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8 hours ago, A Ghost From Highwood said:

As a believer of humanity, I fundamentally reject every single note coming from The Last Jedi. As a fan of John Williams, I must also reject The Force Awakens and The Rise of SkywalkerThese films and their music have failed to convince me that the exact combinations of audio-visual stimuli that I paid for are fundamentally pro human.


I'm glad we're cool with Solo though, bro. That shit is fire. 

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10 minutes ago, A Ghost From Highwood said:

 But can you really separate his music from the films? Can you really take away parts of a film and say, "I like this because this makes me happy," while the other parts are doing the opposite for you?


Of course. I don't think I have seen or liked most of the films the scores I own in my collection were written for

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13 minutes ago, A Ghost From Highwood said:

(Should i move this to the disenchantment thread? Or should I just stop selling my deathsticks and rethink my life:) ) 


It's definitely beyond the scope of this thread.

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How does such a lame movie like TLJ provoke such impassioned responses from people? I mean I didn't get much from the movie other than the subtext of Luke's erectile dysfunction, but ultimately I have no idea where that led either. I suppose by dying, he got his mojo back? I mean as a ghost he managed to rise his X-Wing to the occasion for a beautiful woman.

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People need to learn the lesson taught by Jerry Goldsmith fans: don't worry about the shitty movie, only about the wonderful score it was written for!


I haven't seen even half of the Goldsmith scored films, and most of them are utter crap, but the music remains good anyway. King Solomon's Mines is a great example.


In any case, it's not that Disney-era SW has only produced crap. I know that abomination that came out in theaters last December has ended the main saga on a sour note, but outside movie theaters you have stuff like Jedi: Fallen Order, The Mandalorian, Galaxy's Edge, Rebels, Clone Wars...

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11 hours ago, A Ghost From Highwood said:

Yes! I'm done. I'll move on! 


Two hours later...


9 hours ago, A Ghost From Highwood said:

I've thrown away my first copy of The Last Jedi. It's a scratched disc and it can't be played so it's trash already. 



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