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Right now, who are your Top 5 film composers?

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The film or the score? The film was okay, but the score was a lovely hybrid of Powell's familiar style and Williams's 'Williams-isms'/'Star Wars-isms'.

This is hilarious to read.



...followed by (in no particular order as I love them all for different reasons)...







Damn, I just realised Williams is the only one who is still with us




Now if we're talking top ten (which we aren't of course), I'd add...








...again in no particular order.

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The first three are pretty tied for me, and might prefer any one of them depending on my mood:


1. Miklos Rozsa

2. John Williams

3. Jerry Goldsmith

4. Erich Wolfgang Korngold

5. Alfred Newman (not sure - too hard to decide*)


*= I also considered Howard Shore or Sergei Prokofiev for #5, but the former was solely on the basis of a single film franchise, while the latter (who might be my overall favourite composer in non-film context) has too few film compositions to be truly applicable. Also felt highly tempted to choose Ennio Morricone or Dimitri Tiomkin.



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14 minutes ago, Fabulin said:

If I wanted to understand how could Horner beat The Mummy, The Shadow and The Edge, which scores would you recommend?


From the 90s I only heard his Rocketeer and Titanic

I never liked any of those Goldsmith scores. They're all pretty bleh. I can't think of any post-1990 Goldsmith scores I'd ever be in any rush to revisit. Some I like, but nothing that's within the same field as what Horner, Williams, John Scott and others were doing. Which is all well and good, since the 70's and 80's was the era Goldsmith was top dog. So it's only fair that he lost that throne eventually.


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