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Which film have you seen more than any other?

Is there at least one film you've seen more than 50 times?  

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  1. 1. Is there at least one film you've seen more than 50 times?

    • Yes!
    • Um, no. Who sees a film that many times? Losers.

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I don't typically rewatch movies.  My answer would likely be something I popped in a bunch when I was a kid.  Return of the Jedi?  Batman Returns?  Pee-wee's Big Adventure?


Now that I have a kid of my own, Moana may be giving them a run for their money.

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12 hours ago, dougie said:

In the last year, I've compiled a list of how many individual films I've seen in my lifetime, which includes movies I've seen at the cinema or on video, TV or on the internet. Feature-length theatrical films, TV movies and direct-to-video films qualify, but short films don't, since I can't remember the titles of any that I've seen, and there aren't many anyway.


The list total as of today comes to 1,702. Some of you would probably scoff at that and go "errr that's not many". Well when you factor in that I've had a life outside of film fandom that doesn't involve sitting on my arse watching movies day in and day out, that number isn't too bad. But I'm still not satisfied and would like to reach numbers like 3,000 or 5,000 that online cinenuts like to brag.


But even if you think that number is low, you don't really know until you've taken the time and effort to count each individual film. Most people couldn't be bothered and instead they make rough guesses that could be way off the ballpark.

Several thousand? Are there even so many great movies?

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18 minutes ago, dougie said:


Well, they never specify whether they were good or not.


That's very true. I would guess I've seen somewhere between 7-8000 movies in my 41-year-long life (with some rough math, and including films I've seen over again), but only a tiny fraction of those have actually been good. Did I waste my time with the bad ones, then? Not really. They've actually been crucial in my growth as a film lover, I think.

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11 minutes ago, dougie said:

Ah I don't count rewatches in my list. Once a film has been seen, it's in the list, never to be re-entered.


Yeah, that makes sense. But while I had a handwritten "list book" in my teens and then again from about 2014 onwards, there's a huge gap inbetween where I just have to put up estimates. And that would have to include rewatches, as in "time spent watching films". The math went more or less as follows: 250 a year (on average) between 2019 and 1999. Then 150 (on average) between 1999 and 1989. Then 100 (on average) between 1989 and 1984. Then 50 (on average) from 1984 to 1977. Obviously not many in my first couple of years, but some years with more than 250 in recent years. So roughly between 7-8000 in total.


If I say 7500 films, and an average film duration of 90 minutes (obviously, many films are longer), that would equal 11250 hours. Or 469 days. Or 1.3 years. Just watching films nonstop. Fascinating statistics. :D

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4 hours ago, JoeinAR said:

That sure is low but wasn't  it around 900 previously so you are doing well. Wait till you are my age, you will get there. I have long lost count. But movies are life. 

Johnnyecks what do you think about Creepshow 2. The raft still disturbs me.



While I definitely enjoy Creepshow a hell of a lot more, C2 is very enjoyable. I wish there were more than 3 stories and I didn't quite care for the animated sections. Wish those were live action. That always bothered me.


The Raft is exceptional. My favorite though has always been The Hitchhiker. 


I am hesitantly looking forward to Nicotero's TV reboot, but am not hopeful. 


Creepshow 3 is pure garbage.


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