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3 minutes ago, Nick1066 said:

Warning: Don't Google "Tauriel & Kili porn." You can't unsee it.

Why did you google “Tauriel and Kili porn” in the first place and what were you hoping to find other than Tauriel and Kili porn?

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6 hours ago, gkgyver said:

There is a rumor that Tauriel chose Kili because Legolas was too green for her.

So she chose to leaf him.

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In many cities in Asia, one will find small Zen "mediation gardens" where one can escape the hustle and bustle of the city to a place of quiet reflection.


That's what this thread is my friend. A place of peace and nourishment for those needing an oasis from the chaos of the other threads. Where one can contemplate the magic love between a simple dwarf and his beautiful she-Elf without fear of judgement or shame.  


Peace be with you.

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<Clicks on Tolkien Subforum>


My first venture into the Tolkien sub forum shall be my last.....


<Clicks General Discussion Tab>

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