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Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

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Great news.    John Williams officially confirms to John Burlingame in his new detailed interview to Variety. Read below and rejoice! (Thanks to Mike Matessino for the alert)    ht

As a professional composer, I have to say that Williams' strength is more than just his brass writing.    Rather, he has a knack for making the entire orchestra really shine in music that is

Who cares? You have to be joking, right? What's not utterly fascinating about a composer who wrote a suite of themes over 4 decades ago, and whose style and artistic leanings have evolved and matured

8 minutes ago, Smeltington said:



"Johnson was so delighted with the results that, Williams says, he would eventually like to release a version of the film “without the dialogue and effects, just the music played in the foreground. All of the accompanimental music will be brought forward — every gesture, the music traveling along with the moods and textures, references to characters and so on.”



  why not release a 2 c.d. set now instead of 20 years from now

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Very interesting reading!


We also have a reference from Williams to the thematic material, including Rose's theme and what he calls a motif for Ach-to.


It also seems the size of the orchestra was increased after all: 101 pieces, as opposed to 85-piece in the previous one. My guess is added percussion, a fuller string roster and high woodwinds.

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Nice! Third's the charm!


There is one error in the article, though. PLAYHOUSE 90 was not the first TV show Williams worked on (in fact, we still miss steadfast evidence that he worked on this show at all!). As most of you know, that was M SQUAD.

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1 hour ago, Holko said:

A lot of which we'll get on the isolated score! It'll probably be banished to the super ultra 3D 4K Bluray version to give people a reason to buy it, but we'll have it!


That was my first thought on reading that section - it surely means Johnson will push for an isolated score on the BD.


I personally haven't been particularly thrilled by TLJ, but I haven't seen the film, and often a film viewing changes everything.

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There wasn't really any doubt , but nice to see him round the saga out with one last score. And I hope it's the ultimate culmination of all his Star Wars work so far: it needs to go out on a triumphant note and I have every confidence in him for this.


Though... maybe he could get a more traditional scoring schedule - so far, his luxurious schedule has resulted in really great music - which still suffered butchering in editing. It must be grating that he hasn't escaped the editors.

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It’s funny that I actually felt a little pang of deprivation at that phrase about his major work of 2018 not being for film. How accustomed I’ve become to the manifold and unexpected blessings of the past ten years. What is it, eight scores, two of them Star Wars?! Not a single synapse in my brain came within a mile of imagining this.


Then, a second later, I remembered the Solo theme is coming, too, and even the voracious, score-grubbing ingrate side of me was placated. 


P.S. It’s “IN-ter-STISH-uhl,” meaning occurring between the major sections of a larger work of some sort, usually having a connective quality. 

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