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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Intrada, 3-CD)

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Knockout Alan Silvestri soundtrack gets royal treatment! Smash-hit Touchstone Pictures & Steven Spielberg presentation finds Robert Zemeckis blending live action, animation in masterful ground-breaking fashion. 1988 film stars Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Stubby Kaye, Charles Fleischer, Joanna Cassidy… plus animated Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit and plenty of “Toons”. Reunion of Spielberg, Zebecks & Silvestri after 1982 blockbuster Back To The Future spawns Los Angeles 40’s-era whodunit with boozed gumshoe Eddie Valiant sucked into solving murder of Toontown’s owner,  with Roger, Jessica, Eddie’s deceased brother and evil Judge Doom all participants in solid mystery. Along the way are cameos from Disney’s Dumbo, Fleischer’s Betty Boop, Donald & Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, many others. Classic scenes abound! Animated “dueling pianos” sequence with pair of ducks is a visual/aural highlight. Accompanying music by Liszt, arranged by Silvestri and featuring two ducks wacky dialog was included on original 1988 Disney album of soundtrack highlights.


Intrada 3-CD release presents both premiere of complete cue sans dialog on CD 1, original album version on CD 3. Mammoth Silvestri score itself runs nearly 100 minutes across discs 1 & 2, with numerous alternates following on CD 2. Film is scored wall-to-wall with literal smash-up of original score, music bits, songs, Interestingly, majority of original Silvestri cues are heavily truncated in film. Intrada release premieres them in their full-length versions as originally recorded by composer. Eddie Valiant theme in smoky ’noir style’ for solo trumpet plays in balance to sinister Judge Doom theme for low strings with chimes. In between are frantic, dazzling action sequences in signature Silvestri manner for full orchestra, sometimes featuring additional jazz combo of top U.S. players generating further excitement within resources of full London Symphony Orchestra. Danger and excitement become keynote, especially in rousing last half hour! Sexy, sultry vocal number by Jessica Rabbit (“Why Don’t You Do Right?”) another smoky highlight! Alternates include cues written for but dropped from film entirely. But there’s much more!


Also appearing are four complete “Cartoon Short” scores featuring Roger Rabbit that appeared in front of subsequent Disney films: Premiere of complete Silvestri score for Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s opening “Maroon Cartoon” with Roger babysitting Baby Herman plus dizzying Bruce Broughton scores for Rollercoaster Rabbit (1990) and Trail Mix-Up(1993) with James Horner score for Tummy Trouble (1989) bringing CD 2 to a close. CD 3 presents original 1988 Disney soundtrack album, preserving Silvestri’s own 46-minute presentation balancing score highlights with songs. Entire release newly mastered from Disney vault elements and presented courtesy of Disney Enterprises and Amblin Entertainment. Digital editing & assembly by Douglass Fake, mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Informative notes by Tim Greiving, colorful booklet design by Kay Marshall. Special thanks to Roger Feigelson for helping bring vast array of licensing challenges across the finish line!


Bruce Broughton cartoons: Armin Steiner records & mixes with Broughton conducting. James Horner cartoon: Shawn Murphy records & mixes with Horner conducting. Who Framed Roger Rabbit cartoon and score: Dennis Sands records & mixes, James Campbell orchestrates, London Symphony Orchestra performs, Alan Sylvestri composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection 3-CD set available while quantities and interest remains!


Link: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.11361/.f?sc=13&category=-113


01. Main Title (0:30)
02. Maroon Toon Logo (0:18)
03. Cartoon (4:01)
04. Hitch-Hike (2:17)
05. Cloverleaf (1:05)
06. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (2:57) (Franz Liszt, Arr. Alan Silvestri)
07. Why Don't You Do Right? (3:04)
08. Eddie Breaks In (1:28)
09. Patty Cake (0:53)
10. The Eye (0:13)
11. I Needed That/Work Here Finished (1:20)
12. Valiant & Valiant (2:07)
13. Fire In The Hatch/Scene Of The Crime (1:06)
14. Shoes On The Loose (0:33)
15. Judge Doom/Looking For A Murder (4:05)
16. The Weasels (2:20)
17. The Glass (1:07)
18. Strange Bedfellows (2:44)
19. Toon Patrol/Search The Place (3:23)
20. I'm A Pawn (2:00)
21. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Roger's Song) (0:44)
22. But I'm A Toon/Looking For Murderer (4:38)
23. Execution (1:46)
24. Got Ya, Kid (2:59)
25. Toon Killed My Brother (1:16)
26. Have A Good Man (0:17)
27. R.K. Maroon (4:03)
28. The Getaway (2:49)
29. Toontown (6:07)
30. Acme Factory/Roger Fanfare/Ton O' Bricks (5:16)
31. Start The Dip (2:09)
Total CD 1 Time: 1:10:26


01. Eddie's Theme (5:17)
02. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Instrumental) (2:09)
03. The Kick/The Climbing (2:02)
04. Toon Magnet (0:25)
05. Steamroller (5:43)
06. Hole In The Wall (0:46)
07. Saved (2:56)
08. Big Kiss/Smile, Darn Ya, Smile (2:03)
09. End Credits - Roger Rabbit Medley (Film Version) (6:32)
CD 2 Score Time: 28:05

Total Score Time: 1:38:31

Additional Cues And Alternates
10. Maroon Toon Logo (Without Logo Slide) (0:17)
11. Hollywood 1947 (1:00)
12. I'm A Pawn (Alternate) (2:00)
13. Toon Killed My Brother (Alternate #1) (1:18)
14. Toon Killed My Brother (Alternate #2) (0:54)
15. Trumpet Fanfare (0:04)
16. Hole In The Wall (Alternate) (0:19)
17. Saved (Alternate) (2:41)
Total Additional Cues And  Alternates Time: 8:44

18. Rollercoaster Rabbit (Bruce Broughton) (6:37)
19. Trail Mix-Up (Bruce Broughton) (8:21)
20. Tummy Trouble (James Horner) (6:47)

Total CD 2 Time: 58:45



CD3 - Original 1988 Soundtrack Album
01. Maroon Logo (0:17)
02. Maroon Cartoon (3:21)
03. Valiant & Valiant (4:19)
04. The Weasels (2:04)
05. Hungarian Rhapsody (Dueling Pianos) (1:40)
06. Judge Doom (3:48)
07. Why Don't You Do Right? (McCoy) (3:02)
08. No Justice For Toons (2:40)
09. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Roger's Song) (0:45) (Friend/Franklin)
10. Jessica's Theme (2:01)
11. Toontown (4:40)
12. Eddie's Theme (5:18)
13. The Gag Factory (3:54)
14. The Will (1:06)
15. Smile, Darn Ya, Smile (Meskill/O'Flynn/Rich) - That's All, Folks! (Friend/Franklin) (1:15)
16. End Title (4:56)
CD 3 Total Time: 46:05

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Looks like a wonderful presentation. I personally love it a lot, the movie is also a huge favourite of mine. I think this could probably be Silvestri's best score ever. I love how he puts the jazz trio in front of the symphony and makes a dialogue between the combo and the orchestra. And it also has some hair-raising action pieces (the cue when Eddie goes into the tunnel might be Silvestri's most heart-pounding piece ever).

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I am definitely thinking of getting this! Not just for Silvestri's score, but here to echo Horner's release of "Tummy Trouble". I am a huge fan of Horner's "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" and this track is clearly a big extension of that (which is also kind of a riff on a piece of music that Horner "stole" from, of course). Speaking of, I still hope they do a fuller release of that score one day (despite bootlegs being available of the missing tracks in fine quality).

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40 minutes ago, kaseykockroach said:

Would it be blasphemous to express that I find James Horner and Bruce Broughton made for better cartoon composers than Alan Silvestri?


Most people would likely agree with you.

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Horner and Broughton's music for the three shorts have been utter bliss to finally hear on their own (I already had Broughton's music from a promo disc but still, Intrada's release sound marvelous). Tummy Trouble especially is a beautiful anti-depressant. 

The film score? S'alright.

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Does anyone have any clue how the complete score compares to the original album?

I think I figured out most of it, but I cannot figure out "The Gag Factory". (EDIT: "The Gag Factory" is the second half of "Steamroller")

And "The Weasels" seems quite different between both versions, which makes it quite confusing...

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