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Steven Spielberg Is Officially Remaking West Side Story. JW will be an arranger?

Darth Mulder

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18 minutes ago, Jurassic Shark said:

Who would have thought that JW would change career to booklet writer in his twilight years.


He's even replacing Mike and writing liner notes for all expansions moving forward.

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18 hours ago, ZackR said:

Here is a quick shot of Williams' note from the WSS CD.



Lenny never knew too much about jazz.


- John Williams


13 minutes ago, Edmilson said:

I wonder if Williams finally learned how to use Microsoft Word or if he dictated and his grand-grandchildren typed for him.


I think he prefers Word Perfect.

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Lenny never knew too much about jazz.

His references to jazz were sometimes a bit academic and stiff.


- John Williams



Does this explain why Jump in track 7 was arranged to sound like the Modal Nodes?


From 2:29 onwards:



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