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Happy 86th Birthday, Maestro Williams!

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A toast for many more years of wonderful music. And thank you for bringing so much joy to my little life. Happy Birthday, Maestro!      

Happy 86 th Birthday to the Maestro !!!!

No author, artist, performer, or musician has brought as much joy to my life as John Williams.  So blessed to be a contemporary with an artistic Legend.   Happy Birthday, Maestro Williams!

Happy Birthday, Maestro!




With the Olympics starting soon, today I will be listening to the fanfares:

Olympic Fanfare and Theme 1984 (Los Angeles)

Olympic Spirit 1988 (Seoul)

Summon the Heroes 1996 (Atlanta)

Call of the Champions 2002 (Salt Lake City)

This piece is not by John Williams, but it's not the Olympics without remembering the torch theme by Angelo Badalamenti from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics:

The Flaming Arrow

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Hamill sent out some nice birthday wishes to the Maestro on Twitter today. Not quite sure how that top-right pic snuck in there, but still a nice gesture. It's unfortunate that Williams will probably never see it. 

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Very nice. I particularly like this passage:



The fact that John Williams has inspired so many legions of people to engage with their creativity is, to my mind, his true contribution. It goes beyond what he did. It’s akin to when an inventor doesn’t just build a better mousetrap, but ends up spawning an entire industry. Williams has caused people to engage with their inner selves; to share their talents with the world in ways that, had his work not existed, they may not have. That is legacy that few humans have ever achieved. It’s his true gift to us all.



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