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OOP Williams, Goldsmith and others (15$ for all)

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Need to sell these OOP titles quick, so the price is quite low. Shipping is 10$ and paymemt is with Paypal. Contact me at nichr1@hotmail(dot)com if you are interested.

The CD's and inserts are all in excellent condition. Some of the jewel cases are slightly worn.

Jerry Goldsmith
The Blue Max (Intrada) CD has some light marks
The Russia House (MCA Records)
Basic Instinct (Prometheus Records)
Papillon (Universal France) CD and paper case has some marks

John Williams
Fitzwilly / The Long Goodbye (Varese Club, 2000 copies, OOP)
Home Alone 2 (Varese Club, 3000 copies, OOP)

Other OOP Soundtracks

I Have Never Forgotten You - Lee Holdridge (Intrada Signature, 1000 copies, OOP)
Prince of Foxes - Alfred Newman (FSM, 3000 copies, OOP)
Godzilla (1998) - David Arnold (La-La Land Records, , 3000 copies, OOP) Case is in bad condition.
Seven Cities of Gold - Hugo Friedhoffer (Varese Club, 1000 copies, OOP)
The Tall Man - Victor Young (Varese Club, 1500 copies, OOP)
The Rocketeer - James Horner (Hollywood Records)





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