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'A Celebration of John Williams in Concert' - Royal Albert Hall, October 26, 2018 (CONDUCTED BY DIRK BROSSÉ)


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Okay, um… Wow.


This was a truly unforgettable evening. I didn’t even care anymore that JW wasn’t there (Dirk Brossé’s English is another matter). And what I really found extremely curious was how I suddenly found myself loving pieces I previously didn’t think much of. Dracula: splendid. The new Han Solo love theme: out of this world. And The Adventures of Han (not live)… I have embraced it at long last. The best part for me, though, was when Dirk said, ‘John, we love you’. He seemed to be reading my mind at that moment.



  • Did the concertgoers hear everything through one speaker, or multiple ones?

    • To everyone who recorded from TV or computer or radio or whatever, will there be volume correction issues to all of your recordings?



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