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The Official European JWFAN Pre-Concert Meetup Thread (London, October 26, 2018)

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Will you be going to London to see John Williams conduct?

Do you wanna meet up with people from JWfan before the concert


This is the thread for you!

Throughout the year all the various details of "The Big Meet" will be posted here.


The meeting will be at 5pm on Friday, October 26, 2018 at restaurant Da Mario close to The Royal Albert Hall.





Members who will attend (12-10-2018) 







@Jim Ware +1


@Smeltington +1


@TownerFan +1


@Jay +1


@Thor + 2


@Marian Schedenig


@Jurassic Shark

@Mr. Breathmask 

@Miguel Andrade

@Romão + 1




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Great. Once people have their tickets, they should mention it here if they want to attent the JWFan meet up. You'r name will be added to the list in the first post.

No pressure of course. October is till a long way from now.

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I'm in, of course. @ChrisAfonso should be, too (assuming he can grab a ticket tomorrow). I'll have a few more Austrians in tow, unless they prefer to stay away from the JWFan madness.

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I got my tickets and would love to meet you people, along with some other fellow John Williams fans who are not members or regulars here (Mr. Markus Hable among them). So while I'll pass on the drinks, do count me in for some chat about John Williams :)

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Unfortunately I won't be making it either. Thanks to Royal Albert Hall ticket purchasing system I couldn't buy my tickets. I had them in my shopping cart already!


Have a great time JWFans!

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I'll try to organize something myself, as is tradition (a cross-messageboard thing rather than for one individual board), but there will obviously be so many at this event, a separate JWFAN thing is probably a good idea. Perhaps I'll drop by, or go to this 100% if my own thing falls through. Too early to tell at this point. I'll keep you updated.

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