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The Official European JWFAN Pre-Concert Meetup Thread (London, October 26, 2018)

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I think this is the biggest gathering of JWFan ever!    

Thanks, Lee & Steef for organising this! We need more events like this, there were too many people and too little time. I also had no idea that Inky was there - and who knows who else I missed?

Alien vs Predator!

8 minutes ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:

Criminy, I don't even know what he looks like!


Jay is under the O, with the beard... and too much teeth, gray shirt.


The one that looks too happy to be there! hehe


Oh yes Miguel at the back, third from the left!


On the photo you can see three wowen.... who clearly are lost.


Who are they!!! :P

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55 minutes ago, Bilbo said:

I think Quint is to his right and Croc to his left. 


The guy guy with the long hair and beard with the silver tie HAS to be Thor. At least, that’s how I have always pictured him anyway 😂



I think that might be Incanus, seems familiar from when we did picture avatars one time. Also vaguely recognize the three in the front left, they might have posted pics of themselves before but not sure. First might be hornist?


As pointed out Thor is middle of the table with the beer.


Think I see publicist at the back of the table there on the left, peeking his head out with a thumbs up.

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1 hour ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:

Names to faces? I only recognize Steef.


Who I recognize from left to right front to back:


Pasi (hornist) - ?

? - Karol (crocodile)

? - Cosman

Lee and I assume his wife on the left across from nobody

Thor - Jim Ware I think

I think that's Lee Allen, Jay's wife maybe, and Publicist across from Jay


Don't recognize any of the other faces.  Would have been nice to finally add mine.  Have a blast guys.


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10 hours ago, PetePan said:

So, did you all sign a card for the Maestro?

Even better... The Maruder's Map! (Not sure if it's the same exact one you can see below) 😃



I really had a lovely day and despite Maestro's absence it was still a blast! With so many people present it was impossible to have a proper chat with every single person (and I tried!). Hope we can do this again! :)



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It was a pleasure to meet so many of you guys for real after all these years!!

Thanks for the nice chats and also for the great vids and pics, they are  nice memories of this wonderful event. I will upload mine asa I get home tonight.

I am glad we’ve been able to honor the Maestro and to celebrate his music in the way he wished us to, even in his unfortunate absence.

Everyone get home safely!!

See you all in cyberspace!

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22 minutes ago, publicist said:

Thanks to Jason, Quintus and all the other hard worker bees...organizing more than 3 people is always a chore. And all the best to the rest of the gang. From what I’ve heard the Maestro is still eager to come to Vienna next year, so that’s a class reunion then, maybe!



I can imagine John would like to have another try at London too, but it'd sadly be another big gamble for punters.

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11 minutes ago, Quintus said:


I can imagine John would like to have another try at London too, but it'd sadly be another big gamble for punters.


I'm actually still surprised a very successful and very rich musical icon still has the ambition to have tried something like this as the ripe old age of 86.


I mean he's a healthy bloke, but transatlantic travel at that age is hard. He must have been gutted when he fell ill.


I'd love for him to do it again, even if I wouldn't be able to attend.

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6 minutes ago, Norma's Corpse said:

How did @Thor cope with his tinnitus being in a pub with lots of clinky glasses, bottles and noisy people everywhere?


Thor never understand anything even if he actually understand, what's the difference!!!

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