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The "(Fill in the Blank) Has Died" Thread

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She was then transferred to a better hospital where doctors upgraded her condition to "Alive."

RIP Disney employee who posted the Rise of Skywalker FYC too early.  

Not the most relevant to this circle or to my interests, but Avicii suddenly died at 28. Wake Me Up is one of the songs that define my late high schol years, it was so overplayed I almost started to like it.

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Patricia Morison (103!) has gone to the happy hunting grounds. Will she be the next avatar of Drax? Does she have what it takes?




Patricia Morison with Yul Brynner (The King And I)





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Bill Gold, creator of many iconic movie posters, has died at 97.



Bill Gold, who revolutionized the art of the movie poster over a seven-decade career that began with Casablanca and included A Clockwork OrangeThe Exorcist and dozens of Clint Eastwood films, has died. He was 97.

The Brooklyn native began at Warner Bros. in the early 1940s and had a hand in more than 2,000 posters during his iconic career, working on films for everyone from Alfred Hitchcock (1954's Dial M for Murder), Elia Kazan (1955's East of Eden) and Federico Fellini (1963's 8 1/2) to Sam Peckinpah (1969's The Wild Bunch), Robert Altman (1971's McCabe & Mrs. Miller) and Martin Scorsese (1990's Goodfellas).


RIP. Many of his designs are some of my all-time favorite posters. It's a shame most of today's movie posters aren't very creative. I wish more people took inspiration from this man.

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