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The "(Fill in the Blank) Has Died" Thread

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RIP Disney employee who posted the Rise of Skywalker FYC too early.  

She was then transferred to a better hospital where doctors upgraded her condition to "Alive."

Became a fan of Clive James when I was younger. Watched his talk show with my dad ("And now, Margarita Pracatan!"), remember his programme in Hong Kong in '97 and loved the man's wit. When I was at uni I saw him sat on the steps of a church near BBC Broadcasting House alone and was thinking of going to him to say how much I admired him and get an autograph. Felt it best to leave him alone and then read in a book years later how he didn't mind people stopping him as such...still regret not going up to him. He'll be missed this side of the UK. 

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RIP Danny Aiello, the great character actor


He's hilarious and perfect in a small but memorable role in Radio Days, one of my favorite movies.  He plays a gangster who is supposed to kill Mia Farrow because she witnessed a murder, but instead ends up giving her her big break in radio because they discover they grew up in the same neighborhood.



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