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STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

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That was me, yeah a long time ago and on the shrine. And thanks for the kind words   Since I posted them a long time ago, it was a good time to do a quick revisit. So here are the

Here's a bunch of retroesqe artworks for the whole trilogy. TFA artwork by Struzan, all other ones by maestro Paul Shipper.            

It's obviously a farce, but it was too perfect not to make when you consider how similar the shot is to the LLL release of Saving Private Ryan.  

36 minutes ago, JTWfan77 said:

Wait, is Bespin really cross? I can never tell when he's joking or serious. What did I do wrong?





From what I can tell:

You didn't provide any new information about this release, so in his eyes you are spamming the thread with non-essential information.

He sees the thread has been posted in, and expects it to be some new information or something, and is annoyed when it is not.

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23 minutes ago, JTWfan77 said:


Ahh, ok. So the thumbs up he gave was sarcastic


Oh shit, I did it again. I posted irrelevant information.


Sorry Bes, please ignore.


Will it help if I delete all my posts?

It might be a good idea to put these in the Custom Cover thread as well as this one.

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On 4/3/2018 at 10:54 PM, Bespin said:

I give up. I unfollow of the thread. 


You're killing JWFAN. :up:


Dear @Bespin, I have deleted all my cover art from this thread as well as any related posts from my side.

@Jay, I've done this in the interest of preserving the peace. I'm not here to cause distress to anyone or to "kill JWFAN".

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7 hours ago, phbart said:

@JTWfan77, you shouldn't delete/modify your posts just because a particular user snapped for no reason. I mean, really! If harmless discussions about CD cover arts are enough to cause a person to break like this, I guess this person should be looking for help immediatly.


Yes, I agree, but I tend to default to being the least in situations like this.


If anyone really wants to see my covers, please PM me and I'll consider putting them up on the custom covers thread.

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11 minutes ago, JTWfan77 said:

Yours are perfectly relevant, mine were apparently less so :(


I feel like my Porg cover looks

But it's what we were all talking about? 


There just images? are people really upset about this or is it a joke I don't get?

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Just now, JTWfan77 said:

It's no joke, Bespin even went so far as to setup his own "dedicated cover artless" thread, which promptly got locked after three posts.


I've just read it's caused someone a break down!?

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5 hours ago, rough cut said:

Shame on anyone who bullies another user to the degree they think they are “killing JWfan”. This is a place where we should be joined by our love for the music of JW.


I see nothing wrong with posting cover art in an anticipation thread when there’s really not anything else to say before the CDs are out.


C’mon people, we’re better than this.


I agree with rough cut!


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It looks like they didn't even try. They probably didn't even pay an artist to put them together, the marketing guys just did it at 3 in the morning: "Fuck, I've gone through Google images for five minutes and I just can't decide...hmmm... A bar of color might work to differentiate them...yes....".



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No. Disney is a big company that can afford anything, so they decided to go big, and hired a Hyperrealist artist to paint the new covers in a style indistinguishable from a Paint design, which would be logical considering they are investing in a full transfer and remastering, only to edit incomplete historical presentations of the score. :sarcasm:

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