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John Williams & the Vienna Philharmonic: January 18/19 2020


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7 minutes ago, Modest Expectations said:

Imagine Williams turning around and conducting the audience clapping to The Raiders March like they do with Radetzky March on New Year's Eve concerts.


It would be as great as the sunset ending of the Last Crusade.


In Boston in 2017, he actually did that when performing the March from 1941.


I also attended a couple other concerts featuring JW's music (conducted by others) where the audience started spontaneously to clap in rhythm with the inevitable Imperial March encore.

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20 hours ago, Marian Schedenig said:


I consider the following four candidates very likely:

  • The Imperial March
  • Yoda's Theme
  • The Raider's March
  • Something from TROS


Of course, that's too many already. Unless ASM shows up for the violin stuff in the first half and does Yoda as an encore before the intermission or something.


Please no!


My prediction:


- Something from TROS

- The Imperial March

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2 minutes ago, bollemanneke said:

I somehow don't want ASM to be involved in this concert. This should just be the Wiener Philharmoniker playing JW's music as it was written.


Ummmm.....she does play the music as it was written by Williams.

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16 hours ago, Modest Expectations said:

I can sympathize with that. We know how she plays this music, and she will continue to play it with many different orchestras. Meanwhile this concert is a unique opportunity to take full advantage of this particular orchestra. From a certain point of view it would be better if she didn't steal even a measure of spotlight from them.


I agree. I'd rather have them play the original arrangements, not the new ASM ones. Furthermore I think Mutter goes way overboard with her style of playing. It's not so much serving the piece, but instead drawing way too much attention to her violin playing.

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11 hours ago, heidl said:

It's not so much serving the piece, but instead drawing way too much attention to her violin playing.


That's generally the point of virtuoso solo violin showcase pieces.

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Well, the speculation was well founded. ASM live with JW in Austria, what a dream. 


Congrats on your ticket. Wish I was as lucky. 


I understand JW's age but I wish with all my heart they could add a third concert to this visit. It seems like such a rare opportunity to only have two performances given the occasion. 

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On 11/14/2019 at 4:21 PM, Melvin Frohike said:

I just got my ticket for the Sunday concert after having been in the waiting queue since October 28th 13:54 GMT+1. I queued for all categories and now got category 6-7.



thanks hugely for sharing this! I joined Oct31st @ 14:00 GMT.... so, 68hrs after you but only selected tiers 4-7. holding out all hope I will get as lucky as you.

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Kinda started to regret picking the e-ticket/print@home option without thinking when ordering tickets. Would have much preferred an actual, physical ticket from Musikverein, to keep as a souvenir. Tried contacting them, and it turns out I can't change that now. 

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38 minutes ago, Modest Expectations said:

Print it on thicker, fancier paper, and you will have your trinket.


It still won't have the gold coating that the original ticket office tickets have. ;) 



Another thing that occurred to me, putting two semi-confirmed bits of information about the concerts together:

(1) ASM performing The Devil's Dance + (2) the concert being recorded for a commercial CD and/or video release = (3) an official release of the new Devil's Dance.

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2 hours ago, rough cut said:

Is the concert being released on CD? When did this piece of news pop up?


When the concerts were scheduled for last year, several people emailed the ticket office to ask if there was a chance that they would be recorded, and got the reply that the plan was to record and release them. At least one person asked if that plan was still current and got a a reply confirming that it was.


Not an actual official announcement, as I said, but presumably from a sufficiently official source.

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Anne-Sophie confirms in this interview that the concerts will be filmed. Fantastic news! :)


Yes, I will be his guest artist. That’s so amazing, isn’t it? I mean, this is John Williams’ European debut! Other than in London, he has never conducted in the Old World. Everything will be filmed and recorded, it’s going to be spectacular.





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