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John Williams & the Vienna Philharmonic: January 18/19 2020

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7 minutes ago, GlastoEls said:

Hide the spoilers!! 😂😂

sorry.. got carried away 😂😅

5 minutes ago, Matthias said:

Are you saying there's MORE than two? :eek:

Well, the thing is, this one pic was sent to me, so like you, I don't know if the bottom of the page is cut off or if that's it.. 😁 but I'm hoping for at least one more

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Some fact snippets I gathered from people who talked to people (in the orchestra etc.):   - The Philharmoniker were big fans of Williams as a conductor and specifically pointed out his sensi

In this topic, there has already been some speculation about WP seating on JW concerts and we had a good chat of our own with @Marian Schedenig so I decided to ask my friend who plays double bass in t

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