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Dick Tracy (Intrada) for trade and other OOP titles

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Dear fellow JWFaners,

I will trade up to THREE of the following titles for ONE of the titles on my want list. My email is davidmoloney7(at)gmail(dot)com. NB: I live in Ireland. I will also trade one of the following: Dick Tracy (Intrada), Batman (LLL), Cliffhanger (Intrada), the Blue Max (Intrada) and We’re No Angels (Varese Club) for 1 CD on my want list.

Bernstein: Magnificent Seven (Varese) OOP SEALED
Debney: Cuttroat Island (Prometheus) OOP MINT
Fielding: The Mechanic (LLL) OOP MINT
Giacchino: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Sony) OOP (Drill hole) MINT CD AND BOOKLET
Goldsmith: Wind and the Lion (original Intrada edition) OOP MINT
Goldsmith: Alien (Silver Screen) OOP MINT
Goldsmith: Basic Instinct (Prometheus) OOP MINT
Goldsmith: Papillon (Universal Music Jazz France) SEALED
Goldsmith: Total Recall (Varese Deluxe) MINT
Morricone: Lolita (Milan) OOP (originally pressed CD) (Drill hole) SEALED
Morricone: Mission to Mars (Hollywood) OOP (Punch hole) MINT
Poledouris: ROBOCOP (Varese (2003)) OOP SEALED


Arnold: Stargate (Milan) SEALED
Arnold: Independence Day (RCA) MINT
Arnold: Shaken Not Stirred (Warner) Slight damage to spine
Barry: Goldfinger (EMI) MINT
Bernstein: The Great Escape (RCD) MINT
Beltrami: HellBoy (Varese) MINT X 2
Davis: Matrix (Varese original) SEALED
Davis / Various: Matrix Reloaded (Album) USED
Edelman: Gettysburg (Milan) MINT
Elfman: A Simple Plan (Compass) (Promo) MINT
Elfman: A Civil Action (Hollywood) (Punch hole) MINT X 2
Elfman: Dick Tracy (Warner) (Punch hole) USED
Elfman: Planet of the Apes (Sony) MINT
Elfman: Edward Scissorhands (MCA) MINT
Elfman: Sommersby (Elektra) MINT
Elfman: Batman Returns (Warner Bros.) SEALED
Goldsmith: First Knight (Sony) SEALED
Goldsmith: RAMBO (Varese) SEALED
Goldsmith: Star Trek Nemesis (Varese original) SEALED
Goldsmith: The Blue Max (Sony) SEALED
Goldsmith: Islands on a Stream (Original Intrada 1986 rerecording) MINT
Goldsmith: Rambo III (Original 1989 Intrada edition) MINT
Goldsmith: Russia House (MCA) SEALED
Holmes: Out of Sight (MCA) MINT
Horner: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (GNP) MINT
Horner: Clear and Present Danger (MILAN) MINT 
Howard: Dave (Big Screen) MINT
Jarre: A Passage to India (Capitol Records) SEALED
Mancini: Peter Gunn (RCA) MINT
Morricone: The Untouchables (Morricone) (AM) sealed
Newman: Shawshank Redemption (Sony) MINT
Nyman: The Piano (Virgin) MINT
Ottman: X2 (Edel) MINT
Poledouris: Conan the Barbarian (Milan) SEALED
Poledouris: Starship Troopers (Varese original) SEALED
Rózsa: EL CID (Koch rerecording) MINT
Shore: Silence of the Lambs (Geffen Records) SEALED
Silvestri: Back to the Future II (MCA) SEALED
Silvestri: Back to the Future III (Varese original) SEALED
Silvestri: The ABYSS (Varese original) SEALED
Various: Shaken Not Stirred (Columbia) MINT
Williams: JFK (Elektra) (Punch hole) MINT
Williams: Cowboys (Varese) MINT
Williams: Home Alone (Sony) MINT
Williams: Accidental Tourist (Warner) MINT
Williams: Angela’s Ashes (Sony) (With dialogue) MINT
Williams: Empire Strikes Back (RCA 2CDS) USED
Williams: Jurassic Park (MCA) and The Lost World (MCA) MINT
Young: Runaway Jury (Varese) (Punch hole) MINT
Zimmer: The Peacemaker (Dreamworks) MINT

Non Soundtracks:

Ennio Morrcione Musique Syphonique (Milan) SEALED 
Vangelis Heaven and Hell (Windham Hill) SEALED

Barry: Dances With Wolves (LLL)
Davis: Matrix Revolutions (LLL)
Giacchino: Star Trek Beyond: The Deluxe Edition (Varese)
Goldsmith: Haunting, The: The Deluxe Edition (Varese)
Goldsmith: Small Soldiers: The Deluxe Edition (Varese)
Goldsmith: The Secret of Nimh (Intrada)
Goldsmith: The Mummy (Intrada)
Goldsmith: Poltergeist (FSM)
Horner: Titanic (LLL)
Horner: Clear and Present Danger (Intrada)
Horner: The Rocketeer (Intrada)
Horner: Balto (Intrada)
Horner Batteries Not Included (Intrada)
Jones: Cliffhanger (LLL)
Kamen: Robin Hodd (Intrada)
Poledouris: Robocop 3: The Deluxe Edition (Varese DE)
Poledouris: Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - The Deluxe Edition (Varese DE)
Poledouris: On Deadly Ground: The Deluxe Edition (Varese DE)
Shearmur: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (LLL)
Silvestri: The Mummy Returns (Intrada) 
Williams: Dracula (Varese DE)


OOP titles:

Elfman: Good Will Hunting (MB)

Horner: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Intrada)

Morricone: La Battaglia Di Algeri (The Battle of Algiers) (Quartet)

Rózsa – Eye Of The Needle (Varese)

Silvestri: Christmas Carol (Intrada)

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Extreme Prejudice is on hold

Now added The Untouchables (Morricone) (AM) sealed and Jurassic Park (MCA) The Lost World (MCA) (Williams) both MINT.

If you like something on that list please send me on your list of CDs for trade, There may be something on it that I’d be interested in. Thanks for your time.

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