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Symphony No. 5 'Return to Middle-earth' by Johan de Meij

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Wow, this is really exciting!  Being a long-time fan of de Meij's Symphony No. 1 and of LotR/Tolkien in general, I can't wait to hear this one.   Work in Progress: Symphony No. 5!  

Still no Music Of The Ainur?   I believe thats the original version of the Symphony actually. Which was written for concert band.

I am quite curious as well! The first one is gorgeous.  

Cool news. Interesting that the language sung will be the proto/early Elvish Ilkorin from the earliest days of the Tolkien legendarium.

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Indeed! I checked all my JRRT literature (LotR, Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, A Guide to Tolkien ...) but couldn't find Ilkorin mentioned anywhere. It's not even on Arda! :blink: (Unfortunately, I don't (yet) have the HoMe available to me.) Luckily, there is a short but very useful article on Wikipedia which provides a good starting point for further research (Kôr/Tirion, Ilkorindi etc.). 

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Tolkien always had two main languages, Quenya and Gnomish.

Ilkorin was a minor language with a small vocabulary. It was the language for the Sindar.

But as the Sindar became more important to the story, he renamed Gnomish to Sindarin and ceased development of Ilkorin.

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