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Star Trek: Picard (2020 TV Series)


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I am a big softie.  So, yup, the ends justify the means.  They got me.

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Overall I think enjoyed the second season more than the first, but then I didn't really enjoy the first that much overall. Alas I don't think the emotion of the payoff quite worked for me as much as for others (and when it comes to Star Trek, I can be plenty sentimental!). However, some initial post finale thoughts (some spoilers):

  • Pacing was quite uneven, the episode with Seven and Raffi doing car chases was unnecessary. It reminded me of an old episode of Doctor Who from a rather overlong Jon Pertwee serial which is basically 25 minutes of a boat chase - a filler of an episode if ever there was one.
  • The flashback stuff to Picard's upbringing wasn't all that interesting and was unnecessarily depressing. I didn't care for the arty style of them either, it felt much more like something you'd get in Doctor Who (not a slight on DW, more a tone thing) than the more straight laced style of Star Trek.
  • They could have done a lot more interesting things with Q facing mortality and whether it was happening to all Q or just Q (if you see what I mean). Does it happen to all Q eventually? What caused it? I appreciate some mystery can be desirable but this was just unnecessary vagueness.
  • The Borg Queen reveal in the final episode was pretty obvious once the Queen and Jurati started to assimilate each other. However, it makes no sense for her to have delayed the reveal or explain what she wanted before trying to take control of the fleet.
  • The anomaly appearing out of nowhere in the finale probably ranks as one of the worst random anomalies in the whole history of the show. It could at least have been flagged as a galaxy threatening event in the first episode so the stakes were clear from the start. Even more annoying as the first season basically ended with some random creatures coming out of an anomaly being defeated by a fleet of ships.
  • Has the new Borg paradigm replaced the ones we saw in TNG/Voyager etc? Shrug.
  • Was there some reason Elnor "died" for most of the season? Covid? Schedule conflict? Bringing him back at the end was clearly a massive cop out, but it really didn't make sense for him to be largely absent from much of the rest of the season.
  • Jerry got screwed! Both Alexander Courage and Jay Chattaway get a music credit, but Jerry didn't (as far as I could tell) get a credit for the TMP/TNG theme, Borg theme or something approximating the First Contact theme (not sure how intentional that was). Indeed, as the most represented composer in the show outside of Russo's (fair to middling) underscore, it seems odd that he's gipped in the credits.
  • I still don't really hear anything by Jay Chattaway in the Picard theme - any pointers?!
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I do agree the pacing was off. I feel like episodes 3-8 could have been condensed down into two episodes and we'd have had a solid 6-episode series.


I get what they were trying to do with Picard's flashbacks, but they drew those out far too long.


My main issue is it's not entirely clear why Q orchestrated this scenario with the Confederation timeline, but knowing the way time has worked in Star Trek previously, it seems like it was something that had to happen for the 'correct' future to occur in the first place (think of the TNG double-bill 'Time's Arrow'). Was this meant to be a 'two birds with one stone' kind of deal, with Q both enticing Picard into creating the 'correct' timeline, and helping him heal from his previous trauma re. his mother?


Re. the Borg: it's my understanding that effectively there are/were two Collectives: the 'original' Collective (the one that spawns both Locutus and Seven) and the 'new' Collective created by merged Borg Queen/Jurati.


I also agree that the spatial anomaly should have at least been hinted at earlier. Given what's been said, it almost sounds like it will feed into S3 somehow also.


The big question I have now is this: is Q actually dead now?




Seven and Raffi coming back for season 3, Jurati, Elnor, Soji and Wesley not

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spoilers below



They must have plans of some kind for characters like Elnor and Juratiborg, right?  Seems very wasteful to take two seasons to get you to care about them and then push them aside for the TNG celebration of Season 3.

Why bring Elnor back if they’re not going to use him?  I assumed they killed him rather than have him wear a headband to cover his ears in 2024.   He has the potential to be a real fan favorite if they wanted. 

interesting that Dr Soong has the Khan Project 1996 file, and yet 2024 doesn’t seem post WW3.  I wonder if they will try to retcon the continuity with Khan, the Eugenics Wars, WW3, all the way up to Cochrane’s first contact. 

I will say I did get emotional with Wil Wheaton and with Q’s farewell.  But I think much of it comes not from the story so much as from just love of the characters, Wheaton as a person, DeLancie as an actor, and their legacy history as Star Trek icons.   But whatever, I was happy.   It would take a hardened prune to not get choked up at “You matter to me”.


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