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Hello friends!
The time has finally come!!
My movie arrangements are finally for sale!!!
Several of my movie arrangements for trombone choir have become available for fully licensed purchase and performance!!!
The following titles are now available, with many more coming:
Superman March (with Planet Krypton Fanfare)
Star Wars Main Theme (with Battle Over Coruscant tag)
The Imperial March (versions for both trombone quintet and trombone choir)
Yoda’s Theme
Star Wars Throne Room and Finale
Parade of the Charioteers from Ben Hur
Click this link to see my Marketplace profile on Noteflight. Scroll down to see the scores available.
One of the really great parts of Noteflight, is that after buying my arrangement, it’s fully customizable to the customer through note flights online notation software!
Don’t like the note or part size? Change it!
Wanna lower the key or drop or raise something an octave? Change it!
Wanna make the alto trombone parts into flugel horn parts? Change it! (although I’ll be sad inside…)
Then print out parts as you need!!!
Stay tuned as I have a many new brass ensemble versions of many of the above arrangements coming out soon as well a selection from Harry Potter!
Huge thanks to John Mlynczak and Robinson McClellan for their knowledge and patience in this amazing and exciting endeavor!!!
I know I’m using too many exclamation marks but I don’t care!!!

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