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Hi there!


I have a few questions about this piece.  It appears at the end of the first HP movie.  It's my favourite from the series and I always hoped for a Hal Leonard "Signature Edition" release.


I can't seem to find it - is the official orchestration available for purchase?  I know the tune gets quoted briefly in the 'Family Portrait' in the Children's Suite but I would really like a more thorough version to study.  Does the tune appear anywhere else in the signature editions under a different name?


Finally, I thought I saw a YouTube video analysing a detailed reduction of the piece with the movie playing underneath - annoyingly, I remembering it being under a different title like 'Family Theme'.  Does anyone know where that went?


Thanks in advance for your help!



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'Family Theme' might be a reference to 'Family Portrait' one of the pieces performed as part of the 'Children's Suite' that was arranged by Williams as an additional suite with the recording sessions for Philosopher's Stone.



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