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ACROSS THE STARS - Williams / Mutter collaboration album

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I'm glad they're doing vinyls, but it's disrespectful to the fans that they try and gouge us with tracks spread over all these different products when they could have put out a single vinyl set, like the deluxe CD, with all the tracks in one place. In fact, I probably would have bought the vinyl AND the CD if they'd done it right.

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I've had this beautiful gem for a few days and I can say that the album is, as expected, phenomenal. I’ll write more in a large article that I’m going to publish before the premiere. Several pieces, l

Across the Stars:  

First single is "Hedwig's Theme" and is available on digital platforms in any country where it's already Friday   I.E., https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/hedwigs-theme-from-harry-potter-phil

Across The Stars is perfectly available in a nice vinyl release.



I do understand the gripe "but the 2LP doesn't have the CD deluxe edition tracks", but that's another discussion. 


I just wanted to put a spotlight on the fact that they put out four (!) singles, with very nice artwork, and the tracklists seem to have been well thought through (as far as singles go), and that it's very nice to see this kind of well executed marketing strategy - which does nothing except benifit the JW community.


And putting out singles for an album is a rare blessing for JW fans and we should be glad that DG considered JW's/Anne-Sophie's brand to be strong enough so that they put in the effort. That's more than even some mainstream pop artists get.

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We'll just have to disagree my friend. 


I certainly do enjoy my deluxe CD and the lavish presentation DG gave to that version, and in terms of the project as a whole, it's great that it's possible to have such a splashy new Williams release that also delivers the goods musically. Plus the live support given to it... it was exciting to get to hear so many of the pieces live at Tanglewood, and that some were featured in the landmark Vienna concert.

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