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Waxworks Records releases Du Prez's Ninja Turtles score.... CD NOW AVAILABLE

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For what it's worth, it seems like they only asked Waxwork Records.  Waxwork may not have full awareness of what an Intrada or LLL is up to.  (And it can only help Waxwork's sales if they give that answer).

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Now they're doing TMNT 3


Waxwork Records has announced the world premiere score album for the 1993 sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III written and directed by Stuart Gillard and starring Elias Koteas, Paige Turco, Sab Shimono, Vivian Wu and Stuart Wilson. The album features the film’s original score composed by John Du Prez (A Fish Called Wanda, Oxford Blues, Once Bitten, The Meaning of Life) . The soundtrack is now order on CD and vinyl on the label’s official website. A digital version is also expected. Waxwork has previously released Du Prez’s scores from the first two movies in the series. The original 1993 soundtrack album featuring the songs from the film was released by SBK Records. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is now available on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD.


Here’s the album track list:

1. Japan 1603
2. Casey Jones & The Honor Guards
3. Norinaga Castle
4. Good Hair Day
5. Kappa Battle
6. Mud Wrestling
7. Kite Flying
8. Village Attack
9. Fire & Love
10. Fools & Villains
11. Show Down
12. Going Home



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Wow, that's even more compact than II's program was. A little too much, it might appear. And yet, since I think the boot is complete (III is a movie I don't want to actually watch), I'm more curious on how they decided to arrange things this time.


II remains such a disappointing release, since I'm nearly positive they left out material because they needed to adhere the digital releases to what they could prep for one LP. Not helped by some truly strange editing choices in places. Kind of makes me wish whatever meeting Du Prez had with one label went anywhere (even if I think the release for the first one is fairly decent).

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Unfortunately, that's marketing Waxwork pops onto every release, even when it's just them pressing the OST. The first one sort of isn't, since it leaves out any alts and cues that are replaced by tracked material in the final film (which is replicated on the program). I thought I wrote about the second score on here before, but I can't seem to find a discussion on it.


Given what's been said about an LP generally holding 22 minutes onto each side, if they're gonna use the same program across 3 formats, then that basically guarantees close to 20 minutes that are on the leak would be missing (since it's about an hour in length).

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35 minutes is even shorter than the estimate I had made. Incredibly bizarre that this went from a relatively complete release for the first score, to basically half of it missing from the third. The last track missing the opening portion definitely suggests this had quite of bit of micro-editing as well, so cue breakdowns will sure be fun. (At least they wrote Duprez's name correctly this time lol.)

Should III get its own thread? Since II has one, so any further discussion goes there.

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Maybe Du Prez is just 'one of those' who likes ultra curation on his releases?


I have the first one but really no idea whether anything's missing as I haven't seen the film since the 90s - I only got it as I remembered the film from childhood and I'm sure something surfaced, leak-wise prior to release. The only other LE of his I can think of is A Fish Called Wanda and am equally clueless as to any missing music as it's not really a score for me.

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A Fish Called Wanda seems like a C&C release in the way it's organized, especially given it was released by Music Box Records unlike these ones.


Every TMNT score has leaked, and pretty darn complete for I and III as far as the original compositions go. It's only II where anything remains missing, even if the material could be considered fairly redundant for anyone who isn't a strict completionist.


I suspect what happened is that since it was a premiere of a beloved score, Du Prez was less inclined to be picky about the release of the first one, so it comes out relatively intact. But for the sequels, he likely felt a good chunk of the material was either repetitive or didn't help with the flow much, so he edited based on that. The end result with II was appalling, but I think III has more of a chance of being decently put together (especially when the one VA track is more straight forward than what was included on the albums for the first two movies).

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That's very sound reasoning - perhaps it's an indication that he needed a MM-type person to guide him through what these releases are generally supposed to achieve.

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I should reiterate once again that Du Prez likely was held back by space restrictions, since Waxwork putting out only 1 LP for each sequel would suggest the interest wasn't there to shell out money for 2 if they also were releasing them on CD and digital simultaneously. Hell, it just occurred to me that II sort of feels like they originally had arranged it for two records, but then hastily edited the program after they could only get one (which is why the opening 2 tracks are so odd).


I think with the resurgence of vinyl, Jones likely felt more at home pressing these on that format to stay true to the time period of the movies. I'm not entirely sure why that dinner with LLL or whoever it was seemingly went nowhere, if his one release with MBR happened, so I would have to assume he pulled a Peter Bernstein and operated on his own instincts here.

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