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Harry Potter 7CD Collection - SAMPLES and clips discussion

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@Jay I made this for you so you can save the typing time.  

What we already knew from the sheet music leak:   4M5 Map to Snow Scene is the original version of the cue for the Weasely twins showing Harry how the Marauders Map works, and then him sneak


26 minutes ago, Brundlefly said:

The moment when the white king in the chess game drops the sword.:wub:


20 minutes ago, Brundlefly said:

Voldemort and Quidditch are the highlights of the Children's Suite! I love the contrabassoon in the former!


15 minutes ago, Brundlefly said:

I like the foreshadowing of Gilderoy Lockhart in Vernon Gathers Family! Let alone the moment, when Molly Weasly appears, furious as hell!


5 minutes ago, Brundlefly said:

Wait a minute! The Spiders Attack has unreleased music?!


2 minutes ago, Brundlefly said:

Honestly, listen to that spider sample and tell me he was lazy on the second score!


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About Don't Burn My Letter: right before Hedwig's Theme starts, the final suspense chord is repeated very briefly. The sessions leak made it sound like a mistake/skip/glitch, but here it sounds more like the film version. Is this a mistake in the recording or is it intended to sound like that?

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3 minutes ago, Lockdown said:

I guess we won't have the film version of Double Trouble, seems to just be the OST version.

Maybe the film version is just the end of the album version and is editorially connected to the Something Wicked This Way Comes intro.



Jay just confirmed it.

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From the other thread, regarding the sample of "Watching the Past [Alternate]" because it's already been buried:




Agreed - that music is definitely from "The Dementors Converge" (i.e. the first time we see the attack at the lake), but without the Past theme over the Patronus and with a nice minor chord right at the end. Either it's the wrong sample or it's been mislabelled as an alternate of "Watching The Past" (which is the music for the second lake scene). 


Is this the teeth of this set? If so, I think I can live with it 😂



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11 minutes ago, Josh500 said:

Yeah, I think I'd remember it if it was in the movie.... Must be an unused cue! 


There's a bit more with that vibe hidden somewhere on the Azkaban DVD Menus I believe. So I assume, we'll get the fun little bit in the film that's not on the OST, but then also get this little bit that's meant to underscore being on the bus.

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59 minutes ago, Lockdown said:

I cannot wait to hear 22. The Three Broomsticks   3:51

Assuming this is the cue you hear directly after / mixed in with A Winter's Spell


I'd say this track has the cues with Harry sneaking into Hogsmeade (via the cellar), Harry learning about Sirius and Pettigrew in the pub, and Harry crying in the forest. 

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2 minutes ago, Alex said:

Was The Children’s Suite recorded at the recording sessions for PS or another time?


It was recorded along with all the film cues.  All at the same time with all the same musicians.

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6 minutes ago, Jay said:


The sheet music leak revealed that's all one long cue, 4M10 Brief Snow Scene.  Funny title because it's over 3 minutes long!


Amusing, considering the Snowball Fight isn't included in this?! I wonder why it was written as one cue. 

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