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New Podcast! The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey

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Happy New Year to my fellow JWFan members! I am embarking on a new venture that I know will appeal to all of you. I am the host of the podcast “The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey.” The po

Update: The podcast is available on iTunes and Spotify. It is also on the Podbean app, so there are plenty of places for you to hear the show and subscribe. Next episode online Wednesday!

Thanks for posting those videos, @Erik Woods. I was trying to inform as many people as possible, and forgot the most important place!   Here is background on these videos: I hosted a virtual

I'd also like to thank @Trumpeteerfor this amazing journey. For me, being in my 20s, it's difficult to really comprehend what a 60+ year musical career really means, and what it means to have composed 100+ film scores. The realisation that you'd have to spend an hour each week for 2 years in order to get an overview of every John Williams film score, really puts things in perspective. I've never fully appreciated John Williams until I started listening to The Baton, and it really helped me grasp the sheer scale and variety of his creative output. Watching all of those films is now on my bucket list!

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