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I've been organizing my CD collection lately and now I'm selling the ones I don't need on eBay. They're mostly soundtracks and classical music, and many of the soundtracks are OOP, expansions, or both. All of them are in very good to mint condition, and some are new. I've also listed various sheet music, mostly piano, for those who are interested in that. And there's the limited edition John Williams short sleeved buttoned shirt.


If you purchase several items, I will combine shipping to reduce the overall shipping cost.



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42 minutes ago, Richard said:

@Jurassic Shark, I PM'd you. Did you read it?


I sure did and will reply during the weekend!

21 minutes ago, Thor said:

How much for the shirt? ;)


Good luck on the sale.


For you, 1000 NOK. ;)


It's actually a limited edition JW shirt, issued by LLL and woven from the finest cotton by Mike Matessino.

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10 minutes ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:



I just saw the Dvorak conducted by Szell. 

Oo! Karajan Beethoven Symphonies 1-3. That'd fill in the gaps!

And Out of Africa!


Those are all great - I'll still have all of them in my private CD collection when these are sold.


The Karajan album is 1 & 3, from his early 60s cycle.

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