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James Horner and Simon Franglen's Pandora: The World of Avatar (2018)

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Available now on iTunes: 



All cues composed by James Horner and Simon Franglen unless noted.

1. Flight of Passage Ride Through (4:23)

2. Na'vi River Journey Ride Through (vocals by Sandra Benton) (5:47)

3. Pandora Walk Through (5:40)

4. The Shaman Call (from "Windtraders Shop") by Simon Franglen (3:59)

5. Magic of the Land (from "Windtraders Shop") by James Horner (3:50)

6. Spirits of Mo'ara (from "Windtraders Shop") by James Horner (5:58)

7. Raggatar (from "Satu'li Canteen") (5:49)

8. Shaman of the Souls (from "Satu'li Canteen") (7:45)

9. Surf's Up (from "Satu'li Canteen") (2:13)

10. Bossa (from "Pongu Pongu") (2:36)

11. Surf's Up (from "Pongu Pongu") (4:13)

12. Wave (from "Pongu Pongu") by Simon Franglen (5:33)

Released: Jan 4, 2019
℗ 2019 Walt Disney Records

Also Available on Apple Music

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At least Avatar might have a proper expansion now that Disney own the score and can afford the fees.


I believe the labels have tried to expand the first score but it was prohibitively expensive due to the new union fees (and the union refused to provide an exception, so everyone loses in the end).


Makes me a little sad about all the non-Disney Williams scores post-WOTW. Will independent labels be able to expand them in the foreseeable future?

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The OST is still in print from Atlantic and WEA.  I'm sure Disney licensed the Horner tracks, same as they would have when they released "Star Tours" and "Indiana Jones Stunt Adventure" tracks on their park compilations prior to the Lucasfilm purchase.

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Tracks 5 and 6 on this album are credited only to Horner rather than Horner/Franglen, which is interesting.  I wonder if it's something original he wrote?  I don't know how long the Pandora project would have been in development.

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2 hours ago, Joe Brausam said:

There shouldn't be any new union fees for Avatar though, right?  It was recorded in London as far as I know.  


And does Disney own the score now?


It was recorded at the Fox's Newman stage.



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