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What is the last piece of classical music you listened to?

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Critic-proof music as far as I'm concerned!

The Barbican Centre in London had a special 'Beethoven Weekender' last Saturday and Sunday to celebrate the 250th anniversary year of Beethoven's birth.  Over the weekend all nine of Beethoven's symph

The Prelude is quite nice. The suite as a whole is top-notch Grieg.




Symphony No. 2 in B major


That was quite something. Very unique sound environment to open, and some great classic Shostakovich moments before the choir takes the piece away.

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It's still quite evident that he was developing his voice. I'll be following through to some of his later works, keeping up with the progression of his music from the early days onwards. But he certainly has been a great joy to listen to lately, Shostakovich.

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Enjoy! His symphonies get much more rewarding past his third. Large range in style and ambition for you resonate to. The 5th, 8th, 10th and 11th are especially fantastic.


Shostakovich has a very comprehensive body of work to explore. Lots of great stuff in there. The real gems of his repertoire, in my opinion, lie in his string quartets though.


His second cello concerto is a particular favourite of mine:


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I just listened to Shostakovich's sixth. Quite different in comparison to the second, much more defined. Third movement is a brilliant Scherzo that's bursting with Shostakovich's rhythm and melody. First movement experiments and tinkers around with different relationships between instruments. Very nice.



I'll also give the fifth a spin before 10,11, and 12 tomorrow.

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Ma Vlast - the Kubelik/BSO recording:



Like Also sprach Zarathustra, this is commonly reduced to a single piece (the overture in Strauss' case, and Vltava in Smetana's), but the whole cycle is just as good, and sadly rarely performed in full.

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@KK you took the words right out of my mouth. Absolutely. One of my all time favourite pieces. I really love the whole concertos, but that movement alone has a big influence over that.



BORODIN: Symphonies No. 1-3 

Gerard Schwarz and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra


Again, another few of my favourite all time compositions. I've listened to Borodin's symhponies tens of times, but this time the slower, more reflective movements, the andantes and adagios, stand out for me, whereas the allegros are masterful as always. If there was one piece I could give my highest of recommendation, it would be probably be Borodin some way or another. Essentially my favourite composer.

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6 hours ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:

Criminy! Seems like I can't make a comment about organs anymore without someone twisting it to be sexual!




It's the John Williams way!


4 hours ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:

I thought it was only Bespin's little jest.


Looks like I need to pick a new favourite instrument.


I know what you should choose. Bes would love it!



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5 hours ago, Fabulin said:

The Ring Cycle (orchestral parts) by Wagner, for the first time bringing myself to listen to all of them, a mission which I aborted multiple times in the past. I found his sound hollow and unusually uninteresting, and themes crude, although I did like the thematic development in the Valkyries opera. I will be returning to try some smaller compositions of his, or maybe his earlier works, but I do not expect much of it... 


If you look for "smaller compositions" in Wagner, you might be disappointed :lol:


If you find his full operas too heavy, you might try the (few) portions of them that can be considered closed stand-alone pieces, such as the beautiful prelude to Lohengrin, or the prelude to Tristan und Isolde (an important turning point in the history of harmony), or the overture to Tannhauser (both versions). However, Wagner can be "difficult", no doubt. Do you know what Rossini said once about his operas?




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