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Happy Birthday Mr Williams


Just join this forum to tell you that thanks to you movie music became an essential part of my life since more than 40 years (oh, god!). I realized then that you were equivalent to classical composers in our lifetime.


I'm eager to listen to your next soundtrack.


Take care !

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Many happy returns on the day, Maestro Williams. Thank you for being the soundtrack of our lives and just overall making everything better. 


(And I bet you are spending the day composing, just like every other day!)

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A very blessed and happy birthday to the Maestro (I'm listening to Happy Birthday Variations, and as much of his music I can listen to for the day). Here is to more years of him and his blessed gifts.

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3 hours ago, Jurassic Shark said:


Nice. Happy Birthday Maestro Williams indeed!


I actually celebrated a week ago (due to scheduling reasons) using exactly this CD for "An Evening With John Towner Williams At 87" and to blast his music through all of my eight speakers. ;)


I was quite moved; alone in the room/evening, but quite moved nonetheless.

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