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SOLD: Tickets-Harry Potter Live-to-Projection Concert

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Folks in the Buffalo, NY area:

I am selling two tickets, orchestra seats, for the Live-to-Projection concert of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, performed by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra at Shea’s Buffalo Theatre. 

(EDIT: one ticket has already been sold)


Mind you, each ticket is for a different show—Thursday, February 21 (seating location: ORCH3, Row M) (edit: that is the show that has been sold). and Friday, February 22 (seating location: ORCH3, Row W) Each ticket is for $50.00, which is $30.00 less then what I paid for them, but I rather see these tickets get used.  I can’t go to the Thursday show because I have a business trip.  I gifted the other ticket to a friend and now he can’t go, either.

The “ticket” is a downloading PDF that you would have to print or store in your cellphone.  Ticketmaster handled the ticket sales.  According to Ticketmaster’s policy, I would have to transfer the ownership of the ticket to a member with a Ticketmaster account.  So, I would need to have the name and e-mail address of that member with the Ticketmaster account to do the transfer.  If I’m successful at that, you’ll receive an e-mail notification from Ticketmaster that there’s a ticket for you and you would have to log-in to your Ticketmaster account to get it.




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