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JWFAN Reaction Smileys: Which new emote would you like to see?

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I've done it... I've added more reaction options!   (And changed the general Like from a Heart to a Thumbs Up)      

That's what replying is for.

We need an eye roll reaction for the disenchantment thread.

@Jay I'm not really angry, I just wanted to be the first to try that one out! :D


Neat stuff, but may take some getting used to. Interestingly, I had just recalled a post I made that got every possible reaction on it, which happens rarely, but now I guess it'll take a bit more than that. LOL


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I might have gone overboard and should perhaps remove one or two of the new guys


I also have no idea why the color behind the row of icons is black now

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On 4/4/2019 at 4:56 PM, Oomoog the Ecstatic said:

We need an RPG system where we can battle over posts and claim them, like RISK territories. The battling itself would entail using our collected items and abilities we purchase from the JW rep score shop, as well as a bit of luck randomization, then it would highlight the post (territory) either red, blue, green, or other colors depending on what team claimed it.


The battling itself would be music battles: the items and abilities are music-related like "you just threw a diminished 5th against his parallel 5th!. Wow!" +2 octaves for you, pal.


Essentially, JWfan must expand its influence and become a giant DDR platform, in order to keep it profitable for the next-geners.



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