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_.~+^~ Find music similar to John Williams easily ~^+~._

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Well I'm happy to share the news to those who didn't know.




Free Pandora is awesome now! as of March 19th.



To find strikingly similar tracks, it is much easier than before:

  1. On computer only, make a station from an artist or popular track.
  2. Select discovery under 'tune your station.'
  3. For tracks not offering discovery mode, see my post below to learn how to easily find similar tracks.

Helpful features:

  • If you skip tracks, Pandora will for a brief time attempt to play shorter tracks. Keep this in mind when building a locating station as mentioned below.

The quality of these features is stunning. 🤤 I hope it lasts. I've always loved what the people at Pandora do, they're trying to stay true to that purpose.

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This thread was intended for beginning searchers and people interested in cool Pandora tricks I'm going to share. To those interested, I apologize about the above spam, not sure what it's about with these guys.


Here's a thorough locating process example talked about above, for specific tracks that don't offer discovery mode:


  1. Make a new playlist using John Williams as the seed. Put in on discovery mode.
  2. Let it play for 20 tracks. Don't do anything. 
  3. When that's finished, pause your music and thumbs down 👎 the most fitting tracks to John Williams you heard, ie. clear-sounding influences. (This is so we're issuing generalized magnetism to the playlist, a glitch in the system.)
  4. Remember, you can skip the long tracks because Pandora will begin playing shorter profiling samples, which is very time-efficient. If you want, but not necessary, you can keep letting it play more tracks to make the playlist more thorough (just thumbs them down 👎 at the end)
  5. When you're all finished, add the exact track you want to find similarities to to the base seeds ie. "Stations created from." Make sure this track has features, ex. "A 20th Century Film Score" or others.
  6. Now delete "John Williams" from the seed, so you only have the track you want and all the thumbed-down tracks from before.
  7. Now begin listening to your playlist and you'll start to hear all the tracks strikingly similar to your track. Give it time to cycle through various propositions. This works with anything.


I've found old music that sounds exactly like the Jurassic Park theme in direct influence, themes from Harry Potter and Star Wars, etc. I've done this in combination--exploring with so many themes. Here's a quicky for now I just exposed that influenced the theme from Sabrina and The Fountain Scene from The Terminal, you can hear the clear melodic influence, pacing, and high piano descanting:




Due to Williams's diversity of inspiration, we usually only find instances/moments of inspiration, not whole tracks, but there are a lot of them. I'm getting a good amount of Strauss tonight. Anyone getting a fair amount of Strauss?

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Nobody has mentioned these new features here, so not sure what to say. Hope you guys have fun with it. It's truly amazing.


This is also recommended for those who recognize that, Pandora playing "modern film scores" on a John Williams station, has nothing to do with his music. So here, I've literally restructured their mechanics to where we get endless music akin to Williams (or anyone else.)

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3 hours ago, Borodin said:

With Williams I'm getting a good amount of Strauss tonight. Anyone getting a fair amount of Strauss?


I'm getting a fair amount of stress.

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1 hour ago, Sharky said:


You need to be a bit more explicit here.


Okay. Search John Williams, and on his page click make a 'station from this artist.' Then, on your PC, in the center of the station it should say "modes" or something of the like. Discovery should be there. You can also run these features on your phone. On Chrome go to pandora, and in Chrome settings click "run as webpage."


By the way, I have another locating process I'd like to share! Though the first one here seems to be the best and most straight-forward--the other is for obtaining extra results via a slightly different philosophy. I just need some extra time to type up the instructions.

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