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Revell (or Simonec's) Call of Duty

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I was mystified by the presence of a Graeme Revell 'Duty' score I heard back in the early 2000s that was fantastic and massively orchestral (hence done by Tim Simonec). Then I got his Big Red One (the score, not anything else you might think of).


Call of Duty 2 (don't play videogames) is out on youtube!. I mean, if you like Giacchino's work in the series, this is quite close to that awesomeness, probably not as dynamic as Giacchino, but close and so similar in orchestration.....wtf. 



Is there for any of you can identify a version of Revell's scores that uses massive chorus and Goldsmithian orchestrations or was i too stoned in the early 2000s? No, it wasn't Joel's piece or 13th Warrior. 



Sorry guys; it was probably this. Back in the early 2000s, ostinatos were creative. No chorus, I'm afraid:



Sorry guys, it was probably this:


Back then ostinatos were creative orchestral devices and I simply remembered wrong as now they are the A to B of anything. Still a solid piece of music, some solid orchesration and JNH style action. The horn and flute action in all these pieces is fantastic. Have a gander at all of the tracks, seriously. You won't regret it.

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