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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Complete Score Spreadsheet (by Chewy, crumbs & Holko)


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3 minutes ago, bollemanneke said:

I'd love to be part of this, but is it okay if I contribute with my suggestions in this thread or in a PM instead of editing the acutal spreadsheet? I really can't do that.

Oh it's kinda done, we'll take corrections in the future of course. You were mentioned because your help about the missing cues that are only in the sheets ended up being a part of the Alternates block.

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Okay, here we go, brace yourself:

Opening: not unreleased, just a different mix (that I don’t hear)
That’s a lie: unused
Aunt Marge points the ginger: completely unreleased, only revised version exists. Original version can be found in the DVD menu that introduces the deleted scenes.
Newspaper Headliner: didn’t the OST use the alternate version that is on disc 2 of the LLL set?
Squeeze Play: I don’t understand the notes. Isn’t what’s on the LLL disc 1 the film version?
Shawm: ‘of pieces’?
Double Trouble March: shouldn’t we mention there is no clean opening?
Remembering Mother: isn’t what we have actually the alternate in the sheets?
Sir Cadogan: film uses an unreleased take
Map to snow scene: Jay says this is called ‘up the stairs’, no clean ending
Snowball Fight: OST did not have clean opening
Source music in Hogsmeade: proper order is Winter’s Spell and second Wizard’s Consort cue, final one was never used
Brief Snow Scene: no clean opening
Reveal your secret: unused
Bats extension: revised version in main program, original in alternates
My dad conjured the patronus: film uses gong for moon totally absent on set
Remembering Mother: the unrecorded version actually does have an alternate theme
Great Hall ceeling: unrecorded version doesn’t have oboe outro, revised version does, unrecorded version is Hedwig’s Theme as a short ending
A New Broomstick: it’s actually less complicated: Hedwig’s Theme is in the sheet music, but 0:11-0:24 is replaced by music that isn’t on the set and resembles what follows later in the set, but adds a rather weird slow clarinet part before Harry takes off
The Patronus Light: are we sure this is an abandoned demonstration?
The Dementor’s Circle: Jay…?
Wild Hedwig’s theme and Pettigrew: this ends the movie

Also, shouldn’t we include La Cumparsita, Hot Liquorice and Jungle Jazz Room?

The sheets also have unrecorded, themeless versions of Dueling the Dementor (two, actually), Harry and Sirius, Buckbeak Saves The Day, and Lupin’s Departure (only beginning).


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Thanks for your message @bollemanneke

  • Opening: I checked the waveforms, the Film Version seems to be a different take from the one on CD2, therefore it is previously unreleased
  • That’s a lie: added more notes
  • Aunt Marge points the finger: added more notes
  • Newspaper Headliner: fixed
  • Squeeze Play: updated notes
  • Shawm: it is in multiple little pieces, the collective length is about 1:10
  • Double Trouble March: the opening is clean to me
  • Remembering Mother: updated cue name
  • Sir Cadogan: I don't get your point
  • Map to snow scene: updated notes
  • Snowball Fight: updated notes
  • Source music in Hogsmeade: fixed
  • Brief Snow Scene: updated notes
  • Reveal your secret: updated notes
  • Bats extension: I don't get your point
  • My dad conjured the patronus: the LLL track features a gong that is different from the film one (less prominent)
  • Remembering Mother: updated notes
  • Great Hall ceiling: fixed
  • A New Broomstick: notes clarified
  • The Patronus Light: the abandoned demo is The Dementors Circle
  • Wild Hedwig’s theme and Pettigrew: added notes
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Very glad to be able to help!

Double Trouble March: listen with headphones, the opening is definitely not clean.
Sir Cadogan: You can hear marginal differences between the first film version after the hippogriff lessson. Not only is it slowed down, some accompaniment notes are just played differently.
Bats extension: well, you have two versions: the 'emotional' revised oboe version heard on disc 2 track 1 and the rather weird flute version heard in the alternates and on the OST.

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Wasn't the original version recorded as part of Saving Buckbeak and then Bats Extension later overwrote it?

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That middle transition in Trouble Takes Many Forms is very very tightly edited, but I do not hear a held note or playoff from Dumbledore's Warning bleeding into Double Trouble March.

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And the iso score for the tambourine!


On the other hand, look at all that previously unreleased material! There's so much of it!

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3 hours ago, Chewy said:

Thanks for your message @bollemanneke

  • Opening: I checked the waveforms, the Film Version seems to be a different take from the one on CD2, therefore it is previously unreleased

Isn't that just the OST take?

EDIT: NVM, I misunderstood.

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7 hours ago, crumbs said:

@Chewy and @Holko did all the hard work on this, I just gave some feedback along the way! Great work guys, this is a super helpful resource moving forward (especially for anyone who wants to edit the LLL's chronology).


Unfortunately we didn't have access to the leaked sheet music, which meant researching all the written alternates that differed from their final film counterparts (or even the written cues that differed from the alternates included on the LLL, such as A New Broomstick and First Frozen Lake).

I can't help with the sheet music, but would have thought some JWfan might have it. It wasn't exactly diffficult to obtain three years ago.

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  • 4 months later...

I seem to remember you, @crumbs, were sleeping for most of it! ;) But you can't have a group assignment without the slacker who still gets credited!






JK another opinion and additional help was actually great and appreciated after the initial version was kinda done

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@crumbs @Chewy @Holko Thanks for making this!


Here’s a few more I know for certain:


1M4 - Aunt Marge’s Waltz

1MB - New Intro [used for the Aunt Marge’s Waltz alternate]

3M10 Alt. - Remembering Mother Alternate

7M12 - End Credits [including Hedwig’s theme]

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  • 1 month later...

@crumbs @Chewy @Holko Also posted in the Prisoner of Azkaban cue list thread, but wanted to be sure you saw this. These are usually 98% accurate, judging by when I've been able to compare to the original sheets, except for omitting indications of alternates, inserts, etc. So, I think you're probably safe to add the new ones here to your list. Notes in brackets are my own.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (In Concert)

Complete Cue List


Act I


1M1 Opening III

1M2 That's A Lie

1M4 Aunt Marge's Waltz

1M5 Parents Portrait

1M6-1M7 The Empty Playground - The Knight Bus

1M8 The Knight Bus Ride

1M9 Newspaper Headliner - Second Collision

1M10 Pub Source

2M1 The Book Attacks

2M2A Discussing Black

2M3 The Train to Hogwarts

2M4 The Dementor Appears

2M5 Double Trouble [including 'Something Wicked Intro']

2M6 Dumbledore's Warning

2M8 Double Trouble March

2M9 Rainy Nights, Dementors, and Birds

2M10 You Have the Grim

3M1 Double Trouble on the Hill

3M2 Befriending the Hippogriff

3M3 Riding the Hippogriff

3M4 Bonding with the Hippogriff and Sir Cadogan Again

3M5 Kids Inspect Newspaper etc

3M6-3M7 Snape Dresses Up - The Spider - The Snake - Clown Out of the Cupboard

3M9 Revealing the Bridge

3M10 Remembering Mother

3M11-3M12 The Portrait Scene - The Great Hall Ceiling

4M1-4M2 Quidditch

4M3 Woods Walk and Bird's Flight

4M5 Up The Stairs

4M6 Snow Fight

4M7 The Elves Song [A Winter's Spell]

4M10 Brief Snow Scene

4M11 Explore Your Past

4M12 Opening the Trunk

4M15 Harry and Voices

4M16-4M17 Dueling the Dementor - Insert for Patronus Light

4M18 Entr'acte - Solo Flute


Act II


5M1 Buckbeak's Sentence

5M2 Reading the Map

5M3 The Mention of Pettigrew

5M5 Pt.1 The Crystal Ball

5M5 Pt.2-5M6 The Crystal Ball - The Executioner

5M7 The Walk to Buckbeak

5M8-5M9 Buckbeak is Sentenced - Scabbers Runs

5M10 The Whomping Willow

6M1-6M2A Entering the Shrieking Shack - The Confrontation Scene - Part 1

6M2B The Confrontation Scene - Part 2

6M2C The Confrontation Scene - Part 3

6M3 [No title]

6M4-6M5-6M5AN Sirius and Harry - Werewolf Scene - First Frozen Lake

6M7-7M1-7M1A Reviewing the Recent Past - Viewing the Recent Past - Saving Buckbeak

7M2 My Dad Conjured the Patronus

7M3-7M4 Buckbeak Saves the Day - Watching the Past - The Patronus Light

7M5 The Resuce of Sirius

7M6 Sirius Final Scene - Turning Time Back

7M7 The Whomping Willow

7M8 Jungle Jazz Room [source, composed by Steve Grey]

7M9 Lupin's Departure

7M11-7M12-End Credits Potter Titles - End Credits

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  • 6 months later...
33 minutes ago, Holko said:

Main page, cue lists, thread linked:



Ah. I wouldn't really call that the music editor assembly list, but to each their own. Thought I had missed something new.

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