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Deep Blue Sea is 20 years old

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Well, it will be in less than a month, anyway. But I figured I'd get the party started early!

I find this film endearing in its cheesy over-the-top style. Rabin’s score is good, and even has a shark motif in homage of Williams. 

Love the film! And a wonderful score too. I talked to Rabin about it in my interview (from 21:38) last year, and about the challenge of not getting too close to JAWS. I think he succeeded; it's surpri

A good idea that was a so-so film.


The animatronic sharks were far more convincing than their CGI counterparts.


I remember watching the behind the scenes special on HBO, they had a look at the scoring sessions, the musical was actually interesting until they messed with it by Zimmerizing it in post -production.

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2 minutes ago, Kasey Kockroach said:

21 years, actually. That was 1998, Deep Blue Sea is ‘99. 


Still missed it. It's the superior rotten movie, too. Not superior enough to make a case for it, though. But Anthony Heald as the bad guy explaining the origin of the OctalusTM in a speech right out 'Beast of 20,000 Fathoms', it's just heart-warming.

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38 minutes ago, El Jefe said:


I’ll admit I saw that in the theatre opening weekend.


:o I can't comprehend Deep Star Six having theatrical distribution. 


41 minutes ago, Kasey Kockroach said:

That one’s a snoozer, though at least more watchable than Leviathan.


I literally fell asleep through it my first attempt, it's by far one of the most boring movies I've ever seen in my life. Phantom Menace got nothing on it.

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I actually rewatched LEVIATHAN a few weeks ago. It was indeed as schlocky as I had remembered (but somehow less scary this time around), but not bereft of value. But it's a far cry from DEEP BLUE SEA.

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