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I'm looking for  2 versions that were broadcasted in Australia on CH9 or 10 during 1988 and 1990 period and the other 2 that were on broadcasted on Station TV Q.  thank you

SUPERMAN: The Movie ABC network for Australia  1988  & 1990 Theatrical Cut

Superman The Movie        Brisbane station TVQ-0 1984

Superman II               Brisbane station TVQ-0, 9/3/86)

including any UK Broadcast version from the 80's and 90's

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Only Superman The Movie's extended TV cut has been released officially, Superman II's has not.


And he's asking for specific TV versions of Superman The Movie that are different than what's on the new Blu, anyway.

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 i'm sorry if i have upseted anyone, i was only looking for tv versions that were broadcasted on tv during the 80's.  The specific year that i have mentioned.  I know WB have released the extended cut.   i have already purchased it.  

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