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Hans Zimmer's NO TIME TO DIE (2021)

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Well this news has confirmed that the time to die is in fact now.

Spinmeister at FSM created a custom cover...  

*Zimmer uses trumpets and guitar*   Zimmer - "I just wanted to do something unique. Something never heard before in a Bond film."

On 11/27/2019 at 7:01 AM, Edmilson said:

"Sources had told us that Hans Zimmer was seen entering the EON offices. Apparently, the Academy Award winner composer had been lobbying for his Remote Control composers to score the upcoming James Bond blockbuster No Time to Die.


He said to the producers that he will arrange his own version of the iconic James Bond Theme and be one of the collaborators on the theme song, to be performed by Pharrell Williams, while most of the score will be composed and arranged by Benjamin Wallfisch, Steve Mazzarro, Andrew Kawczynski, Lorne Balfe and Junkie XL, although they will be credited as "Additional Composers". 


So how long before the rest of this post becomes a reality? The people of HZ.com suspect Wallfisch might be the most likely assistant on this project.

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Meh, the producers got scared and went crying to Zimmer. I'm not that surprised. I look forward to hearing the score, but as this is going to be rushed, I don't expect anything exciting.


The real question is how many other composers will actually write this.


It also means the director will have to come out with some clearly bullshit 'it was amazing working with Zimmer' statement.

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I went into Spectre with high expectations based on the cast and crew and was disappointed, but maybe my low hopes for this troubled production will be exceeded.


Searching for silver linings here:

  • I'm kind of glad David Arnold wasn't asked back as a last minute replacement - better he be involved from the outset, and ideally working in tandem with the title theme writer(s).
  • Zimmer didn't return to Mission: Impossible or Spider-Man, so here's hoping we'll get someone more appropriate to usher in the post-Craig era.
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1 hour ago, leeallen01 said:

He Lied To Me.
He Shot At Me.
He Hates On Me.
He's Using Me.
Afraid Of Me.
He's Dead To Me.


Seems like the tracklist of the Zimmer NTTD OST, lol.


And this is really weird. Zimmer passed on scoring Nolan's Tenet because he wanted to have more time to dedicate to Dune. However, Tenet and Dune will premiere 5 months apart from each other. Meanwhile, NTTD is less than 2 months away from the three movies he will do for the summer season.


Oh, yeah, I remembered it's Zimmer we're talking about. Probably NTTD, WW84, Top Gun 2 and SpongeBob (!) will be handled by his minions, while he spents the whole year creating something ~unique~ for Dune.

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10 minutes ago, Richard Penna said:

Zimmer's probably thinking about which of his buddies to phone for a 'coilaboration'.



"Probably"? He certainly chose which one(s) of his minions will do the score since he knew that Romer was in trouble.


My personal bets: Steve Mazzarro, Andrew Kawczynsky, Wallfisch or Jacob Shea (which did some nature documentary a while ago with a theme by HZ).

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Such tragic news to hear this first thing this morning from Stefancos.  So thanks Steef for that heartache.  Today is the day that cinema has truly ended.  Now is the time to die.

Go back to playing your banjo, Zimmer!!!


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10 minutes ago, Richard Penna said:

No, I mean like celebs and big names to make the score even more pretentious, not which minions will be be writing most of the score.


Ah, on that case, if this was 2013-2014, it would certainly be Pharrell and Johnny Marr. But I don't know if Zimmer still talks to these guys, so we'll see.

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