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SPOILER TALK: Spider-man: Far From Home

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I don't know if enough people here care to warrant a thread worth of discussion, but I can always just merge into the MCU thread if there isn't enough.


I'll post my thoughts once I have them collected, but if anybody else wants to start, go!

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13 hours ago, Alex said:

Marvel has this awful habit of creating running gags in their films that just aren’t that funny - “Peter tingle”

You don't have peter tingle.

8 hours ago, Disco Stu said:


I did!  Overlooked that one.  Darn.

No its a belmish in SS filmography.

For me the best moments are the quiet ones. I can honestly say that in all 3 live Spiderman iterations each succeeds best in the intimate character moments and all 3 have great chemistry with their loves


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18 hours ago, Disco Stu said:

I like Holland a lot in the role.  But his crush on MJ never felt real, just like a plot device.

You were a teenager once I presume?  Crushes and infatuations come and go fleetingly in that age.  Hell, just look at the example that occurred in the film itself for a perfect example.


It definitely seemed a bit rushed and there wasn't much on Peter's side to justify his "love" for MJ, but I think her feelings for him were very well set up in Homecoming with her constantly following him around and being off-putting to him to mask her true feelings.

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