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What cue has your favorite variation of the Jaws theme?


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There are so many subtle variations of the shark theme in Jaws 1 and 2.  Haven't listened to any of the other scores, but if you prefer one, feel free to share.


Mine is either the part in 'Blown to Bits' @:48-1:02 when the shark theme beautifully transitions into the Orca theme as Brody climbs the mast.




Or at :23-:31 of 'Into the Estuary'.  I think it's one of the only times that the theme plays with no shark or water in the scene.  It shows how it's now Brody's obsession and also how Brody is moving like the shark through the people!  Ugh Jaws is perfect.



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:56-1:16 of 'Eddie's Death' in Jaws 2 is amazing.


I love how the cue sort of layers the theme.


The shark theme is heard faintly to begin with @ :56 with the the whirling strings then the trumpet @ 1:03 slowly plays the theme, then @ 1:08 the full on stop and then complete breakout into the Shark theme.


It's such a brilliant moment.



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