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What Info from the FSM Superman 'Blue Box' Book is not in the La-La Land Superman CD Booklet

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Mike Matessino, in his podcasts, has recommended not to trash the bounded book of the out-of-print FSM Superman-The Music Blue Box CD-set because certain information from it has not been carried-over to the liner notes on the La-La Land CD booklet.  That is a shame, since the La-La Land CD has the most cues of the score, to date, than the FSM version.

For Superman-The Movie, here are some data from the FSM book that is not on the La-La Land CD booklet:

The mention of Lionel Newman being present at the Superman scoring sessions to help “John get into the groove.”

In the La-La Land booklet, Herbert Spencer is mentioned as the “orchestrator” and the name of contributing orchestrator, Angela Morley, is listed in the “Special Thanks” page, but the name of another contributing orchestrator, Arthur Morton, is nowhere on the booklet.  In the FSM book, all three names, plus Williams’ name, are listed with “orchestrations by.” 

Those are the items I caught, so far.

I don’t own the La-La Land CD releases of Superman I-IV, so, I’m leaving that up to you all.


Oh, BTW:


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