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JFK cue list


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Apologies if this has been shared before, but I can't recall seeing it. For those curious:


R1P1 - Main Title
R1P1 - Main Title - Long Version
R1P2A - Theme Over Scottish Drums
R1P4 - Receiving the News
R4P1 - The Railroad Yard
R4P3 - Bannisters Office
R5P1A - Cubans Everywhere!
R6P4 - Effects [synthesizer - "low explosions at varying pitches"]
R8P1 - Ruby and Warren
R8P2 - Under the Rifle Sights
R9P1 - Easter Sunday Morning
R9P6 - Shaw's Exit
R10P3A - David Ferrie's Apartment
R12P3 - Circles of Power
R12P5A - End Note Bar 65
R12P6A - Bar 55 Crossover
R13P3 - Bedtime T.V.
R13P5 - Oswald Visits Hosts
R13PX - The Porch Scene
R14P3 - The Bedroom Scene
Arlington Insert (Dialogue Version)
The Conspirators
Drum Loop
Garrison's Obsession
The Motorcade
End Credits
Theme From "J.F.K"
Theme From "J.F.K." (Piano Version)


Source music:

R3 - Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Navy Hymn)

R9 - "Maryland My Maryland"

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